5 Fun Facts About the Flap-Neck Chameleon

A few days ago we shared a video of the flap-neck chameleon on our social media channels. Spotting a chameleon always proves to be a highlight of any night game drive. They are tricky to spot because of their mottled green camouflage which ensures they’re well-hidden. Rangers always seem to have fun trying to see how many of these elusive creatures they can spot on a night game drive.  Spotting a chameleon in the pitch dark means you have great tracking skills. Try and count how many you can spot the next time you’re out on a drive.

Here are 5 fun facts about the flap-neck chameleon:

  • Chameleons rarely ever rest on strong branches. They will deliberately choose weak, hanging branches. The majority of heavy predators cannot balance on narrow, flimsy branches.
  • Its name comes from the flap at the back of its neck, which helps with it camouflage.
  • The flap-necked chameleon has a body with mottled greens  – similar colours to their habitat in trees.
  • The chameleon moves with staggered motions to emulate that of the wind blowing through the leaves in the trees.
  • Chameleon literally means “dwarf lion”. The name is appropriate due to its aggressive, defensive behaviour.


Flap-neck chameleon Kalserie

The Flap-neck chameleon found in abundance in the Klaserie. Photo taken by Kevin MacLaughlin


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