Africa on Foot Maintenance Man: Alfred Cuambe

There’s no denying that a lot goes on behind the scenes to make any safari lodge run like a well-oiled machine. Africa on Foot is sewn together delicately by a team of people who do their jobs well. One of those people is Alfred Cuambe; a Mozambican firecracker whose role as Head of Maintenance includes fighting a losing battle against elephants and honey badgers, while his daily routine keeps the lodge grounds looking polished, and the eco-friendly solar system in check.

Alfred Cuambe, Head of Maintenance at Africa on Foot

Alfred is energetic and helpful, beyond what his job requires. He is unendingly happy, and it’s generally considered that he smiles even when he sleeps! Friendly and multi-talented, packing a good sense of humour and plenty of conversation topics, Alfred is a pleasure to have around camp. Although his cheerful demeanour indicates that he is happy delving into any aspect of his job, we suspect that Alfie may be happiest hitting the road in the bakkie and towing the tyres to grade the dirt. During this time he takes it upon himself to check out the wildlife activity and call in the rangers at camp to let them know where various animals have been seen. There’s no doubt we will hear all about his wild encounters when he returns to camp!

It is with dedication and eagerness that Alfie keeps camp running smoothly. Always willing to lend a hand, and to dive into discussion with his perfectly unique accent, Alfred is someone we are lucky to have. Not even the elephants that plunge their muddy trunks into the just-vaccuumed pool can upset him. Neither do the honey badgers that chew the power cables or break the kitchen cupboards! Alfred, thank you for your hard work, good humour, and the help you provide to anyone who may ask!

Alfred being interviewed by the Sun Destinations filming crew

Alfred at Africa on Foot

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