Breakfast at the Bush Bar : Our Version of a Danish Hygge

The natural soft hazy light of a typical Kruger morning gently complements the blinding turquoise of the sky. While the sun slowly emerges from the horizon, the diurnal creatures begin to rustle and our team works hard at creating the perfect setting for a breakfast at the Bush Bar. Nothing brings people together like classic, simple cuisine served in an outdoor setting. It’s cosy, comfortable, rustic and the ideal atmosphere for forming tight friendships. The Danish have a word for this, and it’s called “Hygge”. The Danes are rated as one of the happiest nations in the world and we firmly believe it’s because of the Hygge concept. Our breakfast at the Bush Bar, Our bush braais, sundowner stops at the bush bar, breakfasts in the ‘veld and campfires in the boma – #TheSafariLifestyle epitomises Hygge!

According to Wikipedia (often a questionable source, but in this case quite accurate), Hygge  (pronounced Hoogah) is a Norwegian word which can be described as a “quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. Although the word is Nordic in origin, it has become a Danish concept that helps the Danes cope with long, dark winters. Hygge symbolises togetherness with a spontaneous social flow. 

Bush Bar Breakfast Africa on Foot Luan at the Bush Bar

The team at Africa on Foot decided to surprise guests with a quaint bush breakfast. Prior to their arrival, platters of cold meats and snacks were set up in the bar area. A selection of teas, coffees, fruits and baked goods were all there for the taking.

After plenty of laughter and carefully selecting their meal of choice, some of the guests wandered over to the boma area to sit and chat. Other guests pulled up a chair at the bar and chatted to rangers about their recent sightings. If you’re staying at Africa on Foot for a a few nights, expect a few special moments in the bushveld!

As South Africans, Hygge comes naturally to our nation and thus the concept completely resonates with us, and in fact we have something similar we refer to as “the spirit of  ubuntu”. Ubuntu is about community, virtue, humility and values. A coming together of cultures.  There are plenty of social moments on safari – Hygge, Ubuntu, togetherness –  a recipe for a happier life!

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