Camp Life at Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails

You’ve spent most of the day on foot, lumbering across rocky terrain and you don’t have the modified foot pads that elephants possess. Your feet are probably tired, your achilles tendon might be sore, and your body may be slightly frazzled from the African weather conditions. Our mobile walking safari is adventurous. Designed to bring you closer to the earth, and in sync with your natural environment, this walking safari is a first of its kind in this region of the Kruger. Observe wildlife from a vantage point not often experienced. While the experience is for the outdoor explorer, we decided the least we could do is provide you with the creature comforts from home, set up the camp for you, ensure there’s a barrage of ice cold beverages on hand, a roaring campfire and delectable food on offer.

This is Survivor, but Survivor with a twist. This is Survivor don’t-lift-a-finger style.

After an arduous day exploring new landscapes and acclimatising to the weather, you will retire to a fully set-up camp site. The trail is 3 days with night spent in classic safari style tents each in a different location. Camp sites have been carefully selected based on aspect and wildlife hotspots.

Expect waterholes and river views. Walking towards your camp site knowing that you’ve reached the home stretch is pure bliss. Walker’s are welcomed with a hand towel and ushered towards the outdoor seating area around the fire where they can enjoy a much needed drink. As the cooler part of the day approaches you will head out in the vehicle to find elusive nocturnal predators.

When you return to camp, the fire will be roaring and your choice of drink will be served. There’s no need to help or set anything up. While you sip slowly on your drink of choice and enjoy campfire chatter, our team will work hard at crafting the perfect meal.  Your job is to eat and rest your legs before the next walk.

Nights are spent in the comfort of your dome tent, which comes complete with raised beds and comfortable mattresses. You actually have your own private en suite cubicle, which is accessible via the back of your tent. Indulge in a warm shower – you let the guides know and water will be heated. Showers are bushveld bucket showers, which are an absolute delight. Toilets are chemical toilets – just to keep things hygienic.

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