Camp Linyanti: a destination of dreams

Chobe National Park’s Linyanti Marsh region is one of the country’s most phenomenal game viewing locations. It is an untamed wilderness adjacent to the Linyanti River where riverine woodlands and lagoons surround the saturated areas close to the water, creating characteristic marshland, where the likelihood of spotting rarities, such as the red lechwe and sitatunga antelope, will sugarcoat your safari. The Linyanti swamp is favoured by predators whose prowess guarantees their dominance in the area. The presence of lions, leopards and wild dogs amplify the offer making this unexplored, remote region of Botswana the perfect place for Camp Linyanti.


Copyright Kevin MacLaughlin


Copyright Kevin MacLaughlin

The floodplains of this swamp land seep through the area approaching Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, adding to the ingenuity of this particular camp’s position. Unruly, unspoilt, and undiscovered, Camp Linyanti nestles discreetly within the waterways and lagoons of the Linyanti floodplains and commands the pictorial representation of wilderness. Five elevated canvas rondavels stand defenceless before breath-taking views, eliciting a sense of marvel in the onlooker. Riverine forests and huge trees surround this intimate camp, which provides for its guests open-air showers and private balconies, which capture Botswana’s glory as it stretches toward the Caprivi Strip.

An abundance of animals congregate here; whether it is in the rich greenery born of the rains, or the golden grasslands that become of the land once the sun has scorched the surface. Botswana is reputed for some of the best wildlife sightings in Africa, and Linyanti surely takes that title for Botswana; little else need be mentioned on this destination. Where Kalahari giants roam in a higher concentration than anywhere else in the world, and Africa’s rarest predators follow the ancient migration routes of the most popular prey; the prolific region of the north-western Chobe is a destination of dreams.

Images by Kevin MacLaughlin.

Watch the video, narrated by Kevin MacLaughlin: Camp Linyanti – An Undiscovered Gem


Copyright Kevin MacLaughlin


Copyright Kevin MacLaughlin


Copyright Kevin MacLaughlin

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