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There are over 2000 delegates from around the world currently attending the CITES (CoP17) conference in Sandton, Johannesburg. CITES stands for “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” and its aim is to ensure that international trade in wildlife and plants does not bring them to the brink of extinction! It is an international agreement/treaty supported by numerous countries from around the world. The conference runs from 24th September to 5th October and they’re in the process of wrapping everything up.

So, what does this mean for our rhinos? After attending a talk by wildlife expert Colin Bell, it was clear that we needed to put a halt on Swaziland’s proposal to trade rhino horn. We can confirm that Swaziland’s proposal was rejected at CITES CoP17 with quite staggering numbers NOT in favour of the trade. This is the news we’d hoped for, considering that legal trade could never cover the current excessive demand for rhino horn.

Rhino Jochen Save the Rhino

Over the past 10 years, we’ve had a recorded a loss of over 6000 rhinos. Lauren Saad, together with Ezulwini Game Lodges, continue to contribute to saving Africa’s rhinos. Being fully aware of the rapid decline of the species, Lauren and her team founded Rocking for Rhinos.

Rocking for Rhinos

What is Rocking for Rhinos? It is a huge two day festival taking place 7th – 8th October, complete with music, exhibitions, food and beverage areas and accommodation (camping and chalets). It is set to take place on the outskirts of Hoedspruit at the Swadini Forever Resort.

Imagine a mini-Woodstock with 15 – 20 bands and DJ’s performing over a two day period to help raise funds to protect rhinos! Click here to buy tickets: Computicket Rocking for Rhinos

So, as with many NGO’s and wildlife conservation organisations, you need to know where your financial contributions end up. Rocking for Rhinos have been fully transparent in this regard and 100% of the profits raised will be used to assist the following organizations and projects: Rhino Task Team ( NPO Number 164-507), Bongi’s Quest children’s book, Black Mambas APU, social upliftment on behalf of Transfrontier Africa, The Bushbabies Environmental Education Awareness Program, Rhino conservation and research in the Balule Nature Reserve and the Rhino Revolution Rhino Orphanage and Hospital.

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Black Mambas in Balule

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We chatted to Lauren from Ezulwini Game Lodges about Rocking for Rhinos. She is the director, event manager and in charge of finance and conservation.

1. When did Rocking for Rhinos first start?

Rocking for Rhinos was formed in January 2012 with extremely motivated, passionate and dedicated people, united by one fundamental issue; the now critical plight of our disappearing Rhino population and the war that must be waged against the poachers and ring leaders that are the direct cause of the demise of this gentle creature.

2. How is Ezulwini Game Lodges involved in the festival?

Ezulwini has been a sponsor of Rocking For Rhinos from the start.

3. What can one expect at Rocking for Rhinos?

Fusing conservation and entertainment, Rocking for Rhinos is a music festival with 100% of the profits of ticket sales going directly back into conservation.

4. How can people contribute, even if not attending to festival?

They can buy tickets even if not attending, or donate directly from our Facebook page.

5. How do we know Rocking for Rhinos is a legitimate organisation?

Rocking for Rhinos is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO number 137-976) working towards not only the abolishment of rhino poaching, but also the protection and management of the remaining rhino population.

We are audited and all our beneficiaries, Protrack Rhino Task Team, Black Mamba Anti-poaching unit and Bongi’s Quest, can be contacted to validate our legitimacy from our start in 2012.

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