Cruising through the Delta on a mokoro with Afrika Ecco


What better way to experience the tranquility of the Okavango Delta than to sail between the reeds only feet from the surface of the water in a traditionally made dug-out canoe? When you embark on a safari holiday, one would hope for peace, seclusion, and a oneness with nature that can not be achieved anywhere else. Obviously, we would like to throw in some adrenalin-pumping, spur-of-the-moment wildlife action, but that can only be left up to nature. What we can do, is be as invisible as possible, and see what we might find…

Watch as our guests at Afrika Ecco Mobile Safaris are punted along these precious river channels, enjoying a whole new perspective of their surroundings. Of course this is popular hippo territory, so it was no surprise when the group came across a pod of these large mammals poking their heads through the surface to see who had joined them on this sunny African afternoon.

Take a look:

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