Dinner Under a Blanket of Stars at Tuskers Bush Camp

As the sun melts into the sky, shades of persimmon fill the quintessential African horizon. There is nothing more hypnotic than the sunset in Botswana, a country home to some of the world’s most spectacular striking scenes of remarkable beauty. Enviably located across 365 000 hectares of rugged wilderness laden with mopane trees, and sandy Kalahari savannah, is the sprawling Kwatale Conservancy. In the heart of this wild terrain is the rustic Tuskers Bush Camp , a classic and true wilderness camp with enough touches of luxury to make guests feel cocooned in comfort. Sunset is a revered time of day, and it’s always taken seriously at Tuskers. The on-the-ground team always makes sure that guests are given the opportunity to make the most of their surrounds. To enhance the true safari experience, eager safari-goers are whisked away into a clearing to indulge in an unforgettable al fresco dining session that takes place under a blanket of stars.

The standard safari activities are a given at Tuskers, but the makeshift bar, safari-style banquet table and roaring campfire in the middle of nowhere offers a different type of activity and unique way of experiencing the wild. Guests will head out on their standard game drive bumble through the bush in search of wildlife. When the temperature drops alongside the sun, you’ll find yourself in a clearing confronted by a small wooden bar. It almost looks like an extension of the gnarled tree, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice it’s very much man-made. Natural enough not to intrude on the environment.

While Teagan was exploring Tuskers and surrounds, she was treated to a delightful bush bar and dinner session. Lanterns clung to the trees and provided the right-type of ambience for sundowners. Bottles of wine, whisky and spirits lined the bar counter, just begging to be opened. While chitter chatter fills the air, the efficient Tuskers team ensures the campfire is crackling away and that obligatory semi-circle of safari chairs is neatly placed around the fire. There’s something primal and back-to-basics about being out in the wild, and it certainly encourages us to connect with nature on a deeper level – drink in hand of course!

The bushveld dinner at Tuskers is designed to make the most of the natural elements. Say goodbye to stuffy enclosed restaurants, and hello to dining under a blanket of stars. The table is set-up under the scintillating night sky, and in true bushveld style, Khaki covered bush chairs surround the table. Meals can be anything from locally braai’ed meat to traditional fare mixed with modern cuisine.

While you’re out dining in the wild, listen out for the grumbling of lions in the distance, the hyenas whooping in the wild and the wise old owls watching out over the bushveld below.

You haven’t enjoyed the full safari experience until you’ve had a taste of what Tuskers has to offer!

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