Diving in Tofo, Mozambique

With the sheer abundance and diversity of marine life and spectacular coral reefs off the southern Mozambican coast, people flock from all over the world to dive in its bountiful depths. Diving in Tofo is one of the most spectacular activities in Mozambique. 

There are countless reasons to visit Tofo in Mozambique, but chief among them for many is scuba diving. Not only is the water warm, the sun permanently shining and the visibility excellent, but the array of reefs off Tofo’s coast attract a massive diversity of species including many of the ocean’s gentle giants: whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins, turtles, giant mantas and other rays.

Once you’ve booked your stay at the sensational Sava Dunes (a luxury eco lodge perched on a quiet stretch between Tofo and Barra), the staff will arrange to schedule your dives with Liquid Dive Adventures, an excellent Finnish dive charter operating out of Tofo.

If you haven’t yet qualified as a diver, you can certify yourself with a PADI course at Liquid Dive Adventures, and those who have already qualified can upskill with a range of advanced courses, such as deep dives, underwater photography and night dives, or even Advanced Open Water One and Rescue Diver courses. Even the kids who are just too young to dive (8–12) can get involved with PADI Bubblemaker – a fun intro to diving by learning how to breathe underwater in the shallows.

When everyone is suitably qualified and ready for the open ocean, head out to one of countless reefs dotting this spectacular piece of coast with a knowledgable skipper and two expert dive masters – one to lead the dive, and one to bring up the rear and make sure everyone’s safe. Then it’s as simple as falling backwards off the boat into this blue universe and marvelling at everything on show.

Make the dive even more magical by downloading a fish identifying app, and ticking off as many species as you can. On many reefs off Tofo, and particularly one named Giants Castle, there are what is known as ‘cleaning stations’, where bigger marine life go to be cleaned by a horde of smaller fish. Your dive master is sure to point these out, and you can hardly miss the giants that come to be serviced here, from big loggerhead turtles and manta rays with 5-metre wingspans, to colossal potato bass as big as Smart Cars, and even some sharks.

Keep an ear out for the complex and forlorn dialogue of humpback whales, and of course the clicks and whistles of bottlenose and other dolphins that often stop by to say hi. Make sure to look up every now and then, in case a submarine-sized whale shark cruises by above your head. But also finecomb the reefs and keep your eyes peeled for little critters such as cleaner shrimp, frogfish, cowfish and little Nemos darting about their anemones. Keep your hands out of holes as these are often occupied by octopus or big, toothy honeycomb eels who won’t take too kindly to unsanctioned probes, but who make for stunning underwater photos if you catch them peeking from their holes.

Point is: people who don’t scuba are missing out on a whole other world, and if you’re planning on an excursion to southern Mozambique, you simply can’t not dive in. So do yourself a kindness and have the team at Sava Dunes sign you up at Liquid Dive Adventures for an experience of a lifetime. Diving in Tofo is all kinds of magical.

Diving in Tofo, Mozambique Diving in Tofo

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