#GuestSafariReview : Wild Dogs and Lions at Ezulwini !

The Balule Nature Reserve is tucked away in the Greater Kruger, and is an absolute hotspot for game viewing. The traverse around Ezulwini Game Lodges pulsates with lion pride sightings, with a few dominant kings regularly making an appearance. There’s a constant stream of Kudyela lion cub sightings while out on drive, which certainly delight guests ! Leopards, wild dogs and big game always make an appearance, ensuring eager guests are never disappointed with their Ezulwini safari experience.

Recent guests, Caterina and Hugh, enjoyed an incredible safari experience in the Balule Nature Reserve and managed to take a handful of exceptional wildlife photos. They very kindly let the on-the-ground team share their holiday safari images. During the course of their stay last week at River Lodge, Caterina and Hugh observed wild dogs trotting through the bushveld, with the excited dogs ending off their bush explorations with a well-deserved swimming session.

The matted crimson fur on the dogs’ jowls was a dead giveaway that a recent kill was enjoyed. We are now coming to the end of the wild dog denning period which means the dogs and pups are emerging from the den site to resume their nomadic lifestyle. We’re seeing the dogs scattered around the Lowveld – it really is a fantastic time to be in the Greater Kruger.

The African wild dog isn’t the only carnivore spotted in the Balule Nature Reserve. Guests came face to face with the local lions of Ezulwini, another popular apex predator to spot while on safari.

While casually cruising through the ‘veld in search of the iconic species, the Ezulwini guides and trackers ensured a few moments with elephants and other species.

Lioness at Ezulwini Wild Dogs of Ezulwini Wild Dogs in Kruger Elephants of Ezulwini Lioness Resting in the Balule Wild Dogs of the Balule Nature Reserve Wild Dog in the Balule Nature Reserve