#GuestSafariReview : Nsala Safari Camp a Firm Favourite

Our social media guru, Gemma, noticed that one of the Sun Destinations guests is an avid Instagrammer. Bridget Stringer enjoyed a safari sojourn in southern Africa, and uploaded plenty of images of her adventure at Nsala Safari Camp, one of our Kruger properties. Her game viewing was exceptional. From lions to wild dogs, and vultures framed by sunsets; Nsala certainly delivered in terms of sightings. Gemma reached out to her and asked if we could share a few of her images from her time at Nsala Safari Camp . She furnished us with a few images, and a quick review of her safari holiday to Africa!

Hello Gemma. Thanks for reaching out to me.I’m sending you some of my favorite photos from N’SalaCamp. I’ll send them to you in a few separate emails. Feel free to use any of them in addition to the ones posted on Instagram already. This trip in September was my second trip to South Africa. I’ve now stayed in five safari camps in both South Africa and Botswana and while I loved all of them and had great experiences everywhere, I have a special place in my heart for N’Sala Camp.

It was the smallest camp and the most intimate, which I liked. Matthew and Andrew were marvelous! Matthew was a perfect host and I felt very well taken care of in every respect. Andrew shared his passion and knowledge for the bush and was an expert at finding animals and even predicting their movements.

I’ll never forget waiting by a waterhole for a pride of lions. Andrew knew they had just had a meal and predicted they would make their way to the closest water. Seeing the lions slowly make their way over a crest and down to the water was unforgettable. There were many wonderful sightings including leopards, rhino, and the wild painted dogs.

Thank you!

Bridget Stringer

Below are Bridget Stringer’s images :

Buffalo at Nsala Safari Camp Elephants Drinking at Waterhole Hyena Spotted at Nsala Leopard Seen at Nsala Safari Camp Nsala Lioness in Greater Kruger Nsala Waterhole Lions Drinking Sunsets at Nsala Local Warthog Wild Dogs at Nsala Nsala Plains Game Zebra