Hair-Raising Situation with a Puff Adder in the Kruger

Ranger Kevin Maclaughlin, from nThambo Tree Camp, came face to face with a venomous puff adder. Being an avid photographer and passionate herpetologist, he decided to get up close and personal with this beautiful creature. Dave Jackson captured this hair-raising situation with a puff adder in the Kruger on video. No injuries were sustained during the making of this video – Kevin is an experienced ranger.

The puff adder is one of Africa’s most venomous snakes that has a deadly concoction of Cytotoxic venom. The venom destroys the tissues around the site of the bite and considerable tissue damage will ensue. However, snakes normally only bite when they are stood on or under threat.

Here are a few facts about the puff adder:

  • They are relatively dull in colour. Their only distinct markings are dark chevrons on their tan or brown body.
  • The puff adder ambushes its prey. It is slow-moving and cumbersome but has a quick strike rate.
  • It is one of Africa’s most venomous and deadly snakes.
  • It’s name is derived from the fact that the snake puffs up when threatened.