How Sava Dunes Encourages the “Travel with Purpose” Ethos

The idea behind the concept of “Travel with Purpose” is to encourage travellers to derive meaning from their travel experience, while ultimately gaining an awareness of community and surrounds. To travel with purpose is something quite personal, and can mean anything from only staying in eco-friendly lodges when you travel, eating farm-to-table fare, donating to communities or limiting yourself to purchasing locally made items. In essence, it’s about walking away with a unique and profound experience and getting “involved” on a deeper level. Sava Dunes is the ideal choice of lodge in Mozambique because of its profound contribution to the world of eco tourism. And how good does it feel to stay in a simple, luxury beach lodge that preserves its environment and encourages a sustainable lifestyle? Sava certainly appeals to travellers that are philanthropists and conservationists at heart.

Keenan is the co-manager of Sava Dunes as certainly lives up to his names sake. He is a keen chef and uses their own homegrown fare to create mouth-watering dishes. Fresh fish is caught from the ocean beyond, and creative dishes are delicately sewn together to introduce the flavours of Mozambique. The kitchen team uses eggs from their own hand-reared chickens and fresh produce from the veggie patch in the garden.

Both Sam and Keenan are involved in organising beach clean-ups along the coast. Sava Dunes is a coastal destination and firmly believes in protecting their immediate environment. The team works closely with marine organisations and the local community to assist with and ensure the preservation of their surrounds.

To recap, here is a list of ways in which Sava Dunes is eco-friendly :

  • The lodge runs on solar power and has solar geysers. Borehole water is also used.
  • The team rears chickens to produce eggs.
  • Sava Dunes is completely “off the grid”.
  • Team Sava regularly takes part in beach clean-ups, and actually provides their own hessian bags for guests wishing to assist. The bags are neatly placed in a basket in the lounge area, and guests are more than welcome to take one when they head out on their beach walks.
  • Sava Dunes is not only an eco-lodge, but it also offers a complete sense of sublime luxury. Because it’s off-the-grid, there aren’t any kettles in the room, but there is the option to have fresh coffee delivered to your room at sunrise.

Sava Dunes is just perfect for anyone wanting to travel with purpose, and stay in a lodge that gives back. To travel with purpose is to learn, absorb and educate others upon your return.

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