Indulge in the Island Life in Botswana

Hazy sunsets, turquoise mirages and sugar-white sand is what comes to mind we talk about island life. But now it’s time to scrap that stereotype and formulate a new image of what island life in Africa is about. The island life we’re referring to is rare, mystical and filled with wildlife wonder and it all unfolds before your eyes in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The Delta is a network of pristine waterways where the naturally fluorescent light from the sun ensures the waters look there are Swarovski crystals bouncing off the surface. African island life lies deep in the heart of the Okavango Delta!

Dotted throughout the Delta are various islands, one of which is home to Xobega Island Camp, an authentic camp hugged by lush greenery. A complicated myriad of channels surround the island and the various inlets are home to a wealth of wildlife.

So, just what is Botswana island life like? It’s about drinking in the sunset, indulging in boat cruises, sitting around the campfire at night listening to hippos honking and relaxing in the day while the unmistakable call of the Fish eagle beckons you to the water’s edge. It’s falling asleep at night while you hear the gentle ripples lapping at the shore and knowing that an entire freshwater world exists under the peacefulness of the mysterious waters.

At Xobega Island Camp the sunset cruises are the prime focus of your time at camp and game viewing is always at the helm of things. While you gently meander through channels and open spaces, you’ll see pied kingfishers, marabou storks and yellow-billed spoonbills. There’s an abundance of birdlife eager to show off their colourful plumage and enviable fishing skills. And when you tire of the twittering, there’s always the large pachyderms wading across the river and hugely territorial displays from hippos.

While you crack open a cold beer, look across to the lilypads and the sneaky crocodiles gliding their way closer to your boat. The waters of the Delta – that’s where the magic happens.

When you return to the island, you’ll sit around a perfectly crafted fire. In front of you the fire burns and behind you the waters soothe that weary soul of yours. Settle into a home cooked meal with your fellow guests and chat about the day’s sightings while you’re waited on hand and foot.

The rest of the night? Well that’s entirely up to you – just don’t wander down to the water’s edge alone…

Xobega Island Sundowners Marabou Storks in the Tree Xobega Island Camp Boat Cruise Giraffe in Okavango Delta Crocodile in the Okavango Delta Dining in the Delta Elephant in the Waterways Hippo in Botswana Pied Kingfisher in Sunset Sunset and Sky - Xobega Island Camp Yellow-billed Stork Flying