Leopardess Marula Makes a Kill at Africa on Foot

Another superb leopard sighting for guests at Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. A big focus has turned to leopards during the unusually dry summer we’ve had, and these solitary cats have emerged from their secretive lives. Marula, a leopardess whose territory crosses through Africa on Foot traverse, is revealing her stunning physique more and more during game drives, and most recently, guests got to watch her with an impala kill! Take a look at the video captured by guide, Greg, during his incredible sighting with his guests and Marula.

Female leopard, Marula, being admired by Africa on Foot and nThambo guests

The story goes that Marula made her kill that day, and guides from both camps took their guests to see her in action as she feasted on her prize. It was a large impala, and female leopards, although phenomenally strong, can struggle to take down such a large, thrashing animal. She ate for the day, and guests watched her lazing and panting in between feeding sessions, but unfortunately, this hard-earned meal was taken away from her as soon as night fell and the scavenging hyenas tracked her down. Unable to haul the big impala into the safety of a tree (leopards’ age old trick), Marula lost out to the hyenas who snatched up her kill with ease. Better luck next time!

Marula resting after making a kill

Marula grooming herself, as she relaxes in the presence of the Africa on Foot game viewer

Lady leopard, Marula, pauses after feeding on a leopard kill

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  1. Brenda Quatember
    Brenda Quatember 5 years ago .Reply

    She is a beautiful leopardess, and does not seem bothered by vehicles, lovely thank you!

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