Lioness and cubs with a giraffe kill at Mapula

The lions of the Okavango Delta have been documented many times with special focus tuning to their unbelievable strength and learned ability to hunt in water. In Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s film for National Geographic – The Last Lions – a lone mother lioness has to learn to take down buffalo alone. It is an incredible act of strength and endurance as she continues to fail, until she learns to hunt these huge, horned bovids in the water.

Here, at Mapula Lodge – a quiet and undiscovered piece of Delta luxury – a similar scene played out for guests on game drive. This mother lioness and her 2 cubs were seen with a freshly killed giraffe. Watch the power as she drags the enormous carcass into the grass and her young babies learn about feasting like a lion. The lion activity in the Okavango Delta is exceptional. This is nature at its best.

Safari 7

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