#livebushfeed: Join us for a real time safari on Wednesdays

Join us on Wednesdays from 4 – 7 for a real time, virtual safari

Instead of settling down in front of the TV to watch another Kardashians re-run, why don’t you take to your Twitter and Instagram account and watch our live bush feed? Enjoy a real time safari experience with LIVE feedback from our rangers who will let you know what’s happening, as it’s happening.

As our rangers head our for the afternoon game drive, they will report every epic move so that you can be part of the action via #livebushfeed. Tomorrow we’ll start our live safari at Umkumbe Safari Lodge (Sabi Sand Wildtuin), Africa on Foot, nDzuti Safari Camp and nThambo Tree Camp in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. The team from Camp Savuti and Camp Linyanti are our Botswana correspondents. Let’s see what Botswana and Kruger have in store for us !

We will be posting a LIVE SAFARI via our Twitter and Instagram accounts under #livebushfeed ! Search for the hashtag

Get all the action here:
Twitter: @SunDestination1
Instagram: @SunDestinations


#livebushfeed #livebushfeed

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