Maseke’s Chacma Bush Camp : Videos and Images of the Refurb

Chacma Bush Camp, the latest camp to emerge from the Sun Destinations portfolio, is our very own elephant paradise located in the lesser-explored and rugged Maseke Game Reserve. You’ve probably become quite familiar with the camp, and no doubt have seen the wealth wildlife and landscape images. Towards the end of last year we planned a soft refurbishment and did a quick reshuffle of decor and furniture.  You’ve waited in anticipation for this day, and it has finally arrived.

The refurb was finished and we’re happy with how the camp is looking. A fresh lick of paint, muted hues in terms of decor, unique pieces and outdoor furniture have been perfectly positioned to take advantage of the views. It is her where you will see buffalo drinking and grazing camp, elephants soaking up water and dust bathing; and kingfisher’s dive-bombing their prey.

Below are all of the videos and images from our recent shoot of the Chacma Bedrooms (there are 3) and the main areas.

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Chacma Bush Camp : Camp Area

The main area of camp includes an outdoor dining area (covered), a swimming pool and a boma area. These areas form a strip in front of small waterhole /section of water that is a hub of activity for wildlife. Next to the dining area is the Steenbok Chalet which is next door to the indoor reception area.

Chacma Bush Camp Boma Chacma Bush Camp Outdoor Lounge Area Chacma Bush Camp Patio Furniture Chacma Bush Camp Twilight Swimming Pool Chacma Decor Amenities Dining Area at Chacma Maseke Game Reserve at Night Chacma Outdoor Area with Couches Furniture on Outdoor Patio Chacma Patio Chairs Surround Pool Area Chacma Viewing Deck Viewpoints from Chacma Bush Camp Chacma Bush Camp Swimming Pool Chacma Bush Camp Swimming Pool Views of the Waterhole Chacma Bush Camp

Steenbok Chalet 

This chalet joins the main part of camp and is adjacent to the indoor lounge and reception area. It has its own patio which is practically on the water’s edge at camp. It sleeps 2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults. There is one double bed and a sleeper couch.  It’s ideal for a honeymoon couple due to its location, but also great for a small family. Space wise it’s smaller than the other two rooms but does have an idyllic view and a spacious bathroom.

Steenberg Chalet Bed Steenbok Chalet Patio Steenbok Chalet Bed and Table Steenbok Chalet with Couch Steenbok Chalet Entrance Steenbok Chalet Chacma Bush Camp Steenbok Chalet Sleeper Couch Steenbok Chalet Desk Steenbok Chalet Double Bed Steenbok Chalet Patio

Grysbok Chalet

Grysbok Chalet is a 2 bedroom chalet with an en suite bathroom. It has a view of the swimming pool and looks downwards towards the main area of camp. This is ideal for 2 adults and 2 children. The main room has a double bed and the second bedroom has bunk-beds. The bathroom is expansive and there is also a large patio area for relaxation.

Chacma Bush Camp Grysbok Chacma Grysbok Chalets Pathway Grysbok Chalet Main Room Grysbok Chalet Bunk Beds Grysbok Chalet Main Bedroom Grysbok Chalet Outide at Night

Klipspringer Chalet

Klipspringer chalet has a double bed, an L-shaped couch that can be turned into a 2 sleeper, and space for 2 extra beds. This is ideal for a family of 6. It is the only room with an outdoor shower which leads into the separate toilet area. There is a small patio and this is the furthest chalet from the main area, offering families a sense of privacy.

Chacma Klipspringer Klipspringer Chalet with Couch Klipspringer Chalet Lounge Klipspringer Double Bed Set Up Klipspringer Lounge Corner Klipspringer Lounge with View Klipspringer Main Chalet Klipspringer Outdoor Shower Klipspringer Twin Beds Configuration Klipspringer Twin Beds Door Klipspringer Twin Beds Room Set Up

Chacma Bush Camp Videos