Menu Examples of Sava Dunes’ Farm-to-Table Fare

Sava Dunes, our sublime slice of beach paradise in Mozambique, is an eco-aware lodge that goes out of its way to reduce its impact on the environment. A sustainable lifestyle is at the cornerstone of Sava’s ethos. Sava thrives on the farm-to-table way of eating, which means that dishes are often created around the seasonal homegrown produce grown in their very own veggie garden. In the future, the team at Sava will see abundant fare from their already flourishing veggie garden.

Seafood is caught by ocean-lover Keenan, or bought fresh from the local market. Everything at Sava is prepared and cooked from scratch in their creative kitchen. And let me tell you – the food at Sava is exquisite ! I can hear that sizzling barracuda on the fire, taste the golden freshly-baked pao bread and feel my tastebuds zinging from the Mozambican peri-peri chicken (ask the team if they have any of the granadilla peri-peri).

We chatted to lodge managers Keenan and Sam about the cuisine at Sava, and gained a bit of insight into a few of their favourite gobsmacking dishes. Keenan’s favourite dish happens to be the blue crab curry, while the most popular dish is the coconut prawns. And the dish he takes the most pride in? Well that would have to be the coconut panna cotta !

We decided to list a few menu examples of what to expect food wise when you stay at Sava. The menu is always subject to change, and depends entirely on what’s in season, and what creative experiments are happening in the kitchen. The idea is to introduce you to local flavours presented with modern styles of cooking. And yes – the team is flexible in terms of your dietary needs!

* We apologize in advance for the hunger pangs you will no doubt experience.

An example of starters :
  • Homegrown beetroot and feta tartlet
  • (Homegrown) Tomato gazpacho
  • (Locally caught) Stuffed calamari with herb oil
The perfect palate cleansers :
  • Palette cleansers made from lemongrass and pineapple .
An example of mains:
  • Langoustines with local cassava mash and homegrown veggies.
  • (Locally caught) Crayfish & tiger prawns
  • (Local) cashew nut crusted barracuda
  •  Seared yellow fin tuna served with
  •  Homemade squid ink pasta
An example of desserts:
  • Coconut and lemongrass pana cotta
  • Cashew nut pie
  • Vanilla creme brûlée with a spun sugar cage

If you’re a foodie wanting to sample local, hearty fare cooked with modern flair, then stay at Sava Dunes – much more just a beach retreat.

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