Swim Up to Sava Dunes

The novelty of a swim-up bar, at least for me, will never wear off. At Sava Dunes, a luxury eco lodge near Tofo in Mozambique, the impossibly azure and sparkling pool is a welcome reprieve from the searing heat that prevails in this part of the world – even in June. That relief is doubled when you swim up to the sleek sliding windows of the bar, and gladly accept an ice-cold 2M beer from perma-smiling barman Luis Domingos Santos.

It feels like a tropical island paradise. Palm trees, thatched canopies and inviting wooden loungers surrounding the pool only add to the island-like ambience. While one cools off, the sounds of Sava are further balm to a city dweller’s soul. The ocean’s drone is complemented by Luis’s selection of chilled local tunes emanating from the bar, while frequent chirrups can be heard from the many dark-capped bulbuls that flit about the sour fig and other emerald shrubbery that cover the dunes around Sava.

It is a life I can certainly get used to.

On other days, when the incessant heat finally gives way to ominous clouds and intermittent showers, like today, one contents oneself with enjoying the sweeping beach views from Sava’s covered deck, or reclining in the lounge with a book.

I’m typing this from the comfort of one of several cosy nooks in Sava’s pretty sitting room. ‘Another beer?’ Luis would occasionally inquire. And who am I to decline such offers? I might not be dangling off the swim-up bar today, but the views are no less astonishing and the ocean’s reassuring drone is still there – today complemented by a gentle patter on the roof.

Tomorrow the incredible heat will undoubtedly make a triumphant return, and bring with it other adventures (hopefully the visibility is good enough for a scuba dive), and of course more cooling off at my new favourite pool bar.

For the moment I’ll welcome the rain, and in the company of Sam and Keenan (the lodge managers), and Luis, of course, there aren’t many places I’d rather be.

Sava Dunes Swimming Pool

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