Ross lionesses and cubs on a buffalo kill

The Ross Breakaway lion cubs have grown to 2 months old, and we love seeing them looking well fed and healthy! They are both male cubs, and they engage in a lot of wobbly wrestling, which is something they will continue to do throughout their lives. Lions have a close social bond, and they use…

Ross Lionesses: The Warthog Specialists

Time and time again, we’ve found the pair of Ross Breakaway lionesses feasting on warthog. Don’t be fooled, these wild pigs pack quite a bit of weight and a fully grown male can weigh up to 100kg, which is a substantial meal for the two ladies! Armed with dangerous tusks and lightning speed, warthogs are…

Close call for lion cub when buffalo charges

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; it’s a tough life for lions in the wild, even if they are the kings of the jungle. Even when the small and vulnerable cubs have grown into mighty lions, they are faced with having to fight for their food, and for their territory. Right from…

Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Africa on Foot

Tucked away in the Klaserie Private Nature reserve is the authentic and charming Africa on Foot camp. Offering affordable rates and easy accessibility to local airports, it sets the standard in terms of authentic lodges. Sharing unfenced borders with the Timbavati Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park means that wildlife can roam freely throughout….

VIDEO: Newest Ross lion cubs in the Klaserie

Fantastic news is that the notably pregnant lioness belonging to the Ross breakaway duo has given birth, and even better news is that we’ve seen the cubs! We posted an update yesterday of the sightings we’ve had thus far, plus the last litter of cubs born to a Ross breakaway female. Check that out here….