VIDEO: The Trilogy and the Ross Pride lionesses together at nThambo

Since the Trilogy coalition sauntered into Ross Pride territory and wrecked havoc with the resident lion pride, they have been the 3 dominant males in the area, and they run a tight ship. Battle scars define their faces, and one male walks with a limp, while together they have a temperament to be cautious of….

Week in Pictures: Hyenas in the mud, and a leopard cub!

It’s getting hot, hot, hot up in the African bush, and the summer rains bring added humidity to the climate. In both Botswana and the Kruger we are seeing changes in the environment, the presence of wildlife, and animal behaviour. Migratory birds continue to fleck the air with new colours and sounds; one of the…

The death of a leopard in the Klaserie

Survival of the fittest means only one thing; that those who are weaker will succumb, and those who succeed will prosper. When predators take down prey, we call it the circle of life, when predators take on predators, it is a vicious and brutal fight, often to the death. Competition in the wild is rife….

The Week in Pictures: The birds, the bees, and the big things.

With such a diverse range of camps in various areas of pristine wilderness, its not surprising that the photography coming out of these areas each week is reliably great. The Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, the Sabi Sand, and the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve have produced some fantastic footage lately, and photographers Em Gatland, Kevin MacLaughlin,…

The Magic of Marakapula

  Just a short drive in a straight line from the Phalaborwa gate of the Kruger National Park lies the Marakapula Reserve. A Big 5 community-owned game reserve characterised by giant boulder hills, wild fig trees, and the Selati River, which courses through the property in its great, surging mass. On my first game drive…