The Week in Pictures : 67 Animals to Spot on Safari

This “Week in Pictures” we’d like to remind everyone that it’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday, a day that is now fondly referred to as “Mandela Day”. From 1942 right up until his death, Madiba spent 67 years fighting for social justice. He is a global icon and a change maker. On his birthday we spend 67 minutes (1 minute for each year of public service) giving back and inspiring change. Today, we thought we’d remind our readers of the number 67 in whatever small way we can. So we’re using the number to list 67 animals to spot on safari in Kruger ! We’ve also added a few recent images fresh from game drives in our Kruger camps. 
  1. Lion
  2. Elephant
  3. Buffalo
  4. Leopard
  5. Rhino
  6. Cheetah
  7. Honey badger
  8. Hyena
  9. African wild dog
  10. Hippo
  11. Nile crocodile
  12. Impala
  13. Waterbuck
  14. Kudu
  15. Steenbok
  16. Wildebeest
  17. Jackal
  18. Marabou stork
  19. Vultures
  20. Martial eagle
  21. Bateleur eagle
  22. Tawny eagle
  23. Ground hornbill
  24. Rock python
  25. Black mamba
  26. Puff adder
  27. African wild cat
  28. Civet
  29. Spotted genet
  30. Warthog
  31. Chacma baboon
  32. Vervet monkey
  33. Saddle-billed stork
  34. Lilac-breasted roller
  35. Southern yellow-billed hornbill
  36. Nyala
  37. Bushbuck
  38. Giraffe
  39. Zebra
  40. Dwarf mongoose
  41. Bushbaby
  42. Ground pangolin
  43. Porcupine
  44. Ostrich
  45. Ground squirrel
  46. Serval
  47. Scrub hare
  48. Pearl-spotted owlet
  49. Sable
  50. Roan
  51. Aardvark
  52. Elephant shrew
  53. Bats
  54. Rock dassie
  55. Dormouse
  56. Dung beetle
  57. Baboon spider
  58. Scorpions
  59. Golden-orb spider
  60. Mosquito
  61. Aardwolf
  62. Spring hare
  63. Herons
  64. African fish eagle
  65. Terrapins
  66. Lizards
  67. Rock monitor


Leopards in Umkumbe Talamati Male Lions Umkumbe Lions in Sabi Sand Umkumbe Safari Lodge SunsetsCheetah at Africa on Foot Africa on Foot Elephants Rock Python Africa on Foot Sunsets at Africa on Foot Cheetah with Impala at nThambo Elephant Calf at nThambo Rock Python at nThambo Zebra at nThambo

Ezulwini Elephants Lioness and Cubs Zebra and Calf

Birds at Sunset Africa on Foot Lions at Africa on Foot Birds at nThambo Tree Camp Lioness at nThambo Tree Camp

Chacma Butterfly Chacma Elephants Chacma Impala

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