The Week in Pictures : Hello Kitty

Last week we enjoyed an array of sightings, and there were no dominant species that stole the show. Hints of cats, overt displays from playful elephants, and a flurry of plains game provided a unique mix of highlights for last week’s “Week in Pictures”. This week our common denominator is…Cats. The creeping cats decided that today they’d own the “Week in Pictures” and continue their often dominant theme presence in our portfolio of images from the week. Cats – regardless of size or species – like to be in command of their surroundings. 

Things are continuing to tick over in terms of big game sightings. Umkumbe enjoyed a cheetah sighting this morning with a youngster and its mother attempting to take down unsuspecting prey. The cheetah sightings were surpassed only by the wealth of leopard sightings enjoyed during the week. Leopards taking centre stage this week included : Ntsumi, Nweti, and Kigelia. It goes without saying that there was a heavy presence of hyena clans in the area. Find the predators, find their clean-up crew!

The Klaserie camps are enjoying abundant sightings of wild dogs, and the River Pride of lions also seem to be establishing themselves on the traverse. The intermittent rains have continued to soak into the landscape, which means the elephant sightings are still as prevalent as previous weeks. Ezulwini is enjoying the carpets of greenery in the Balule, and sightings of the Machatons and Kudyelas continue to flood into our digital department. Chacma’s predator sightings of the week have included that of the African wild dogs.  We’ve decided to also throw in a few of AD’s images of the Maseke lion cubs because…well…we love celebrating their presence. Walkers Bush Villa is never short of sightings, and its prime position in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve  ensures a consistent influx of big game sightings.

Lion Cubs at Chacma Bush Camp Tree Squirrel at Chacma Bush Camp Giraffe - Africa on Foot Stormy Sky in Klaserie Walkers Bateleur Eagle Springbok Jumps Wild Dogs at Chacma Elephant Herds in the Lowveld Kudyela Lioness Machaton Male Lions Ezulwini African Wild Cats Black Dam Male Lion at Walkers Bush Villa Elephants in the Klaserie nThambo Storms in Klaserie Nyeleti Leopard in Klaserie Nyeleti in Bushveld Sunset at Walkers Bush Villa Impala on the Move - WalkersUmkumbe Birding Cheetah in Umkumbe Ntsumi Tanya