The Week in Pictures : The Art of White Space in Wildlife Photography

This week for Week in Pictures, we’re going to focus on something a bit different. It’s time we scrolled through our archives and showcased our photographer’s skills when it comes to the theme of negative/white space in photography. For the next 3 editions of “The Week in Pictures” we’ve decided to give the weekly portfolio of images a theme. When our theme-based week in pictures has come to an end, we’ll ensure we deliver an epic bumper-edition catch-up!

White space is also referred to as negative space, and it can create quite a stark illusion when it comes to photography. It’s the notion of abandoning an area around the subject, making sure that the subject appears to “pop” out from the image and the eye is drawn to the positive space within the image. It’s a concept used in digital and print design; and has made its way into photography, which has led many photographers providing us with conceptually unique images.

Our wildlife photographers have adopted the negative space concept, and have produced a number of remarkable wildlife images where your eye is drawn to a particular area without getting distracted by the busyness of the background. It seems that birds are the most common subject when it comes to negative space

Below are a few of our favourite engaging images of wildlife surrounded by negative space, and a few that can be slotted into that category. We have hippos dwelling deep in the open waters of the Okavango Delta, birds soaring above, giraffe galloping across open plains in the Kwatale Conservancy and lions in the dark night.

Botswana : The Selinda Spillway, Okavango Delta and Kwatale Conservancy

Giraffe at RAW Botswana, Motswiri Camp Birds at RAW Botswana, Motswiri Camp Reed Frog at Motswiri Camp

Jacanas at Tuskers Bush Camp Birds at Xobega Island Camp Hippo at Xobega Island Camp


 Ezulwini Game Lodges in the Balule Nature Reserve

Glossy Starlings Ezulwini Game Lodges Goshawk Ezulwini Game Lodges Ezulwini Martial Eagle

Umkumbe Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Umkumbe Sabi Sand Giraffe Saddle-billed Stork Sabi Sand Umkumbe Safari Lodge Zebra

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

Lion Paw Africa on Foot nThambo Lions Klaserie

Chacma Bush Camp

Chacma Maseke Male Lion white Space Pied Kingfisher Chacma Bush Camp Porcupine Chacma Bush Camp

Roam Private Game Reserve

Cheetah at Roam Reserve Giraffe Landscape