Xmas 2018

The Week in Pictures : Wildlife Advent (ure) Calendar of Images

When one door closes, another one opens. If you applied this famous quote from Alexander Graham Bell to your seasonal advent calendar, you’ve probably devoured your entire calendar in one sitting. It happens. If you’ve run out of delectable chocolates hiding behind those fat santa doors, then take a peek at our safari advent calendar of images. Look, you can’t eat these images, but you’ll derive great pleasure from looking at them. We’ve even left a few blank spaces between images to give you the opportunity to look away and return again the next day. If you devoured advent in one sitting there’s a high probability that you’re going to keep scrolling with these images!

We trust you’ll enjoy our lighthearted version of Week in Pictures. Whatever your belief system, we hope that you make the most of this bustling festive season! We won’t be doing the Week in Pictures next week, but we will be blogging about the various festive celebrations that have taken place.

Brief highlights from our camps : 

  • Ezulwini Game Lodges saw the entire Machaton mega-pride of lions, and the coalition of kings in a separate sighting. The Olifants River was in full flow after the recent rains, which means plenty of giant herbivores and loving creatures emerged.
  • Chacma Bush Camp enjoyed perfect visuals of a huge pack of wild dogs around the waterhole. Early in the week the resident lion cubs were spotted and they’re looking well-fed and healthy. There was also a rare sighting of a black mamba snake while on drive.
  • Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp have enjoyed regular sightings of leopards within the reserve, and a sighting of one of the Mbiri male lions mating with a female.


Dec 18

Wild Dog Greeting Ceremony Nyeleti Africa on Foot Tree









Dec 19

Ezulwini Billys Lodge Birding in Klaserie




Dec 20

Elephants Klaserie Ezulwini Elephants




Dec 21

Machaton Male Lions Ezulwini Wild Cats




Dec 22

Hippo at Chacma Maseke Male Chacma




Dec 23

Snail at nThambo Tree Camp Nyeleti Leopard Klaserie




Dec 24

Wildebeest at Chacma Zebra Herds at nThambo Tree Camp




Dec 25

Chacma Bush Camp Highlights

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