Video: A cheeky baby honey badger at Camp Linyanti

Most of us have had a laugh at the famous YouTube hit about the fearless honey badger. This fairly small creature has one of the biggest attitudes of all animals, nevermind its size. Its immune system is so strong that it can fight the effects of the deadliest snake venom, and it escapes capture with a very unique ‘turning’ tactic. The honey badger’s tough skin is loose around its shoulders, enabling it to turn 360° in its skin and turn on its own predators. The story goes that these small carnivores target the groin of large animals that threaten it, and as a result, it does not have many predators!

These are fascinating creatures, and as its name suggests, its diet consists largely of bee larvae and honey, but it also makes a tasty meal of mice, scorpions, spiders, lizards, and snakes. Have a look at this baby honey badger giving the cameraman attitude at Camp Linyanti in Botswana. Filmed by Kevin MacLaughlin.


Not as cute has he looks!