Watching an elephant in the Okavango waterways with Afrika Ecco


One of the simplest pleasures in life is to be able to observe wildlife in its natural form, in its natural home, in which you are only a visitor. Okavango Delta water-based safaris offer some of the most intimate experiences with some of Africa’s most sought after members of the wild.

Afrika Ecco Mobile Safaris offers a look into the private lives of these animals from the perspective of a boat, a mokoro, or on foot. Without the presence of vehicles, the air is silent and still, providing some of the most special moments one can hope to experience with a wild animal. On a boating safari with Afrika Ecco, these guests had the pleasure of watching an elephant ambling through the waters of the Okavango. From the comfort of the boat and under the guidance of their host, Rachel and Kevin took some great footage and snapped some lovely photographs of this gentle giant as he waded through the depths.

Take a look:



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