We Have Named the New White Lion Cub Xihangu

We have finally named the new white lion cub born into the Ross Pride of lions. White lions are a rare species and need to be revered. Therefore the cub’s name needed to bear significant meaning. It was Enoch who spotted the cub while out on a game drive with Darryn and Africa on Foot. The honour of naming the cub was bestowed upon Enoch, our much loved tracker from Africa on Foot.

Enoch is one of our Shangaan trackers who has the ability to spot a needle in a haystack! Equipped with an incredible sense of humour and gentle nature; he is loved by guests and rangers alike.

After much banter between Darryn and Enoch, Dave (our videographer) suggested we call the new cub “Snowball”. Enoch said that in his life he had never seen snow in the African bush and that “Hailstone” is more appropriate. In Shangaan (the local dialect of the region) the word for hailstone is “Xihangu”, pronounced “She-an-gu”.

There’s a certain synchronicity with nature and the name. White lions are rare and so are hailstorms in the Kruger.

White Lion Cub - Sarah Davis

The latest pics of our white lion cub, Xihangu – Image by Sarah Davis


Xihangu wanting to see what the big, wide world has in store – Image by Sarah Davis


Xihangu the white lion cub

Xihangu our new white lion cub – Image by Sarah Davis


Xihangu white lion

White lion cub, Xihangu, taking a nap – Image by Sarah Davis


“I wonder what is out there in the Klaserie?” – Image by Sarah Davis