Week in Pics : Crafty Cats and Arty Angles

Our big cats, so powerful and stealth-like, dominate the food chain and command respect throughout the land. Sometimes they prefer to seek solitude in the thickets and other times they desire an audience to observe their craftsmanship when it comes to conducting kills. Their fearless ways are admired from afar and potential quarry lives in constant fear of being the next target. While the bushveld produces exquisite colours that would give a rainbow a run for its money, it’s not the scenery that we’re in awe about – its the big cats . And the reason for that? They’ve provided plentiful sightings across all of our camps. Our cats – they own the night…And the day. They’re our protectors of the bushveld, constantly inviting us in to be observers in their complex and chaotic world.

This week, Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp has their first appearance in “Week in Pictures” ! Warren Howson provided us with the images taken while out on drive and walk in the Klaserie. The lodge is based on the banks of the Klaserie River, which means there is plenty of opportunity to watch game from the confines of the lodge or while traversing the terrain. Welcome aboard to “Week in Pics” Ivory Wilderness !

In other news, the Klaserie camps (Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp) spotted three cheetah males just relaxing in an open area! Quite an unusual sighting given that the presence of leopards is quite high. Bundu the male leopard was also spotted during the course of the week and so was the nomadic male that was spotted with the lone Trilogy male.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge is literally a hotspot for leopard sightings! Last week was no different! Mxabene was spotted on more than occasion during the course of last week and was even seen eating dung.  Little Bush’s cub and White Dam’s cub showed off their good looks and natural prowess, allowing guests to take plenty of photographs.

Without further ado, here are your photos for the week!


Ezulwini River Lodge and Ezulwini Billys Lodge 

Elephants in Balule Ezulwini River Lodge Pool Warthog Ezulwini

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

Cheetah Males Africa on Foot Africa on Foot Giraffe Africa on Foot Hornbill Africa on Foot Nomadic Male nThambo Tree Camp Cheetah nThambo Tree Camp Lion nThambo Tree Camp Waterbuck nThambo Tree Camp Zebra

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Umkumbe Max Giraffe Umkumbe Mxabene Umkumbe Umkumbe Mxabene

Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp

Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp Leopard Impala Hoof Elephant Bull Klaserie Hyena Cub Ivory Wilderness

Xobega Island Camp and Tuskers Bush Camp

Tuskers Bush Camp Lions Zebra Tuskers Bush Camp Xobega Crocodile Yellow Billed Stork Xobega