Week in Pics : The Spoils of the African Bushveld

We’ve discovered that the best way to kick the Monday blues is to start the week off with an influx of wildlife images from our camps and lodges. Call it Monday motivation or Monday distraction, either way you’ll find yourself pouring over our photographer’s abstract take on the wild and the simple, clean images that tell a story.

Week in Pictures is the time of the week when we let the images talk, and our adjectives take a back seat. We also take the opportunity to share updates from the camp. Whether it’s a rare happening or bulk sighting of a specific species, we always take the time to share the information.

Zanelle, a ranger from Umkumbe Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand sent through an image of an elephant in the foreground and an elusive leopard hiding in the low-lying shrubbery beneath the fork of the Marula tree.  Elephants and leopards continue to enthral us with their presence, but this image we were not expecting!

Klaserie camps Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp, nThambo Tree Camp and Africa on Foot have also enjoyed their fair share of big cat sightings. nThambo and Africa on Foot observed one of the Mbiri males feasting on a buffalo kill, while the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses were spotted close to the kill site.

The highlight was the discovery of a hyena den, which meant guests were afforded the opportunity to observe the cubs playfully picking up sticks and exploring their new turf. Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp certainly isn’t short of sightings, and has recently witnessed a local leopard cruising the dry riverbed in front of camp. Warren and his team have also stumbled across bundles of hyena cubs in their den, slowly emerging from the safehouse.

Chacma Bush Camp and Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails in the bustling Maseke Balule Game Reserve is a game rich area brimming with elephant sightings. Chacma continues to enjoy elephant sightings in front of camp, while the wilderness trails have undertaken their third three day scheduled trail.

Xobega Island Camp, in the midst of the Okavango Delta, continues to deliver continuous sightings of birds, hippo and crocs. The Delta is teeming with life beyond the crystal clear waters.

White-backed Vultures

Antelope Herds Hippo at Africa on Foot Buffalo at nThambo Flock of Birds at Chacma Waterbuck Maseke Game Reserve Cleo nThambo Leopard Elephant at Chacma Bush Camp Elephant Trunk Walking Trails Ivory Wilderness Hyena Cub Leopard Ivory Wilderness Elephant Africa on Foot Spoonbills Fishing Hyena at Umkumbe Leopard and Elephant at Umkumbe White-backed Vultures Xobega Pelican Xobega Marabou Stork