Week in Pics : Time for Change

The change of season is upon us, which means we witness a flurry of new activity in the safari world. As we edge into a new season, we innately understand that change is inevitable and sometimes hard. Humans tend to come down with ailments at the start of a new season, while our wildlife just adapts and survive. Regardless, we press on. In sticking with the “change” theme, we’ve decided to ruffle feathers and tweak how we deliver “Week in Pics”.

Every week we will share a bumper album of epic photos taken by rangers at our all of our camps – this will be shared onto the Sun Destinations Facebook page. We will do this in an effort to give exposure to our up and coming wildlife photographers/rangers. On a monthly basis we select a “picture of the month” and post it onto the individual lodge/camp page with a description about the sighting and insight into how the photo was taken. Out with the old ideas and in with the new!

This week the lions of the Klaserie came crawling out of the woodwork, and we were surprised to see newcomers exploring the turf close to where the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses normally hang out. The newcomers are the Mbiri coalition of two males with their two females. Lion life in the Klaserie is going to get interesting. Coupled with that, we had reports of a leopard sighting of Bundu the young male patrolling the area around a waterhole. In the distance, a familiar throaty call of the leopard could be heard – it was either Cleo or Ross Dam. The honey badgers have also decided it’s time to enjoy a much needed break and enjoy the luxurious of lodge life! Guests are loving their presence.

Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp continues to enjoy the presence of their two main prides – the River and Dundee Pride. However, every two weeks or so, Warren says they see the Eastern Pride from the Balule Nature Reserve.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge guests managed to watch a lioness hunting while relaxing on the deck at the lodge! Ranger Geoffrey will be sending us a video from his guests.

Ezulwini Game Lodges have wowed us with their camera trap footage and this shows us what life is like behind the scenes.

We hope you enjoy our new way of doing things. Just remember, to quote Marilyn Monroe,  “good things fall apart so better things can fall together”.

Mxabene LeopardEgrets Okavango Delta Elephants Okavango Delta Elephants Klaserie Hyena Umkumbe nThambo Hyena Kudu Africa on Foot Lion Cub Ivory Wilderness Lioness Klaserie Mbiri Males Klaserie Ivory Wilderness Monitor Mbiri Ladies Tusker Klaserie