Week in Pictures: Africa Magic

If you’re not already smiling because it’s Friday, here’s something to convert even the most determined frowner: The Week in Pictures! Fantasatic photos out of the Klaserie and Balule Nature Reserves in the Greater Kruger, and some breath-taking shots from the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Savute Marsh, and Khwai in Botswana.

Afrika Ecco Safaris conducts some of the most authentic mobile journeys through all of Botswana, and as a result, guests enjoy some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities possible. Photographers Em Gatland and Kevin MacLaughlin recently joined a camping tour through the Delta, Moremi, and Savute, and captured a couple of award-winning moments on camera.

Down south in the Kruger National Park’s private safari sector lie the Klaserie and Balule Nature Reserves. And within those pristine, wild regions are the hidden gems of the Greater Kruger: Africa on Foot, nThambo Tree Camp, and Ezulwini Game Lodges. At this time of year, the bush has sprouted some green leaves from the much-needed rain, but the thickness of the full summer bushveld has not yet arrived making this the best time of year for game viewing.

In both Botswana and Kruger, there have been awesome big cat sightings, while the birdlife is growing all the more interesting as the migrants arrive. Buffalo are being stalked by lions in Klaserie, while elephants are endlessly clearing the Okavango waterways of reeds. Monkeys play the fool in Khwai, while vultures, hang gloomily over lion kills in Balule. This is an exhibition of some of our top shots from a week on safari, and we know you’ll enjoy them!

Black and white elephant of the Delta

Lilac-breasted roller. The poser.

Trilogy male eyes out the flies

Hornbils silhouetted in the sunset

Ross Breakaway lioness in black and white

Buffalo ventures into the sunrise

Juvenile bateleur soaring through the sky

Curious lion cub

Savuti male lion in the sunrise

Journey of giraffes

Moremi leopard getting a better look

Vervet monkey among the figs

White-backed vultures lining up

Tiny terrapin tucks shies away from the camera

Vervet monkeys squabble at Khwai

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