Week in Pictures : Leopards in the Spotlight

Monday always seems to be an unforgiving start to the week. The onslaught of the working week is upon us, and the realisation that the weekend has disappeared as quickly as a fresh kill next to a hyena, becomes a reality. Our safari images are here to ease the pain caused by Monday’s cruel heart. When the start of the week is a tough one, we urge you to take a quick break and armchair travel to the bushveld.

Our first update is from Walkers Bush Villa in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. It appears the highlight of the week was the sighting of the Sunset Dam leopardess, who certainly isn’t a stranger to the Walkers traverse. While the owner’s son,  James Walker, was exploring the area with guide Brett, they came across the slender leopard. Guide Brett said, “We had a birthday coffee Amarula stop interrupted by Sunset Dam female, who decided to walk past. The coffee stop was actually at Sunset Dam! We had an incredible 20 minutes with her. Just a magic sighting. A first leopard sighting for many of our guests who have been to the bush all their life, and a very special moment!”

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp also enjoyed a recent leopard sighting of a large male just resting in the undergrowth. A large, unknown male leopard was seen resting beneath the thick shrubbery carpeting the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. The soft undergrowth looks like a perfectly comfortable spot to rest during the heat of the day. Having just conducted a kill, this sturdy male decided to lodge its prey in the fork of a tree for safekeeping. The leopard sightings in the Klaserie are on the increase, and it’s all systems go with predator action at the moment!

We move across from the Klaserie towards the Maseke Game Reserve, where things are equally as exciting. The team at Chacma are experiencing prolific lion sightings, with a clear shift in pride dynamics underway. It appears the Maseke male lions are in hot pursuit of the Lamai lioness and her sub-adults. She’s doing everything she can to avoid her boys coming into contact with the powerful Maseke males! The team at Chacma often sees these two groups moving through the Maseke, and at night the contact calls from the Maseke males can be heard echoing across the landscape.

From the Maseke we journey to the Balule Nature Reserve, home of Ezulwini Game Lodges. Angele says that guests have enjoyed exceptional sightings, with a few highlights including lion cubs, cheetah, massive herds of elephant and buffalo. It’s hard to pinpoint a highlight when the reserve continues to pump out sightings left, right and centre. Thuli the leopard was also spotted during the course of the week, adding to bulk big cat sightings enjoyed by guests.

Jumping across the border to Botswana, we continue to enjoy sightings of the subjects seen often while enjoying a water safari. Bloats of hippo, high concentration of red lechwe and water-loving elephants are the usual suspects that provide a constant stream of sightings for guests.

Walkers Bush Villa

Sunset Leopardess Walkers Bush Villa Walkers Bush Villa Game Drive Walkers Bush Villa Leopards on Game Drive Walkers Bush Villa Leopard

Chacma Bush Camp

Chacma Elephant Trunk Giraffe at Chacma Bush Camp Impala Rams Chacma Kingfisher at Chacma

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

Africa on Foot Klaserie Leopard Africa on Foot nThambo Buffalo Klaserie Elephant Calf in Klaserie

Xobega Island Camp and Tuskers Bush Camp

Birding at Tuskers Bush Camp Star Trails at Tuskers Bush Camp Zebras at Tuskers Bush Camp Lechwe Xobega Island Camp Mokoro at Xobega

 Ezulwini Game Lodges

Elephants at Ezulwini Game Lodges Martial Eagle Ezulwini Thuli Leopardess Balule Vervet Monkey Ezulwini Game Lodges