Week in Pictures : The Abstract and the Amusing

There are many different ways to photograph the mundane. With the right light, a unique angle and an emotional look from wildlife, it is quite possible to turn a mundane scene into something spectacular. A frontal view of the commonly spotted impala or scatterbrained guinea fowl can be stagnant. But bathe them in golden light from the sunset or capture their detail against a stark background in a moment of movement, then the banal becomes beautiful. In today’s Week in Pictures we’ve tried to showcase the sightings from the week in an abstract or amusing way. We’ve targeted the unusual while simultaneously updating you about the week that was. We hope you enjoy this week’s selection of images.

Walkers Bush Villa in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Walkers Bush Villa in the Timbavati Game Reserve is always brimming with sightings. We spoke to guide JD who sent through a few highlights from game drives, which are listed below.

  • The start of the week kicked off with sightings of the Sunset leopardess and an active hyena den.
  • Tuesday was epic – there were lion sightings – 2 males and females; and a hefty lone male close to Sunset Dam.
  • Tues afternoon there was a sighting of a big male leopard, hyena and the 4 lions. There was also a large elephant bull in musth.
  • Wednesday there were more lions and a close encounter with the Ross lionesses. And hyenas at the den were also spotted!
  • Thursday was an interesting day. Guests spent ages observing a huge herd of elephants at the waterhole; and were enthralled with a unique sighting of a family of 6 bush babies.

Walkers Bush Baby Timbavati Walkers Bush Villa Quelea Walkers Bush Villa Sunset Zebra

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

There is plenty of excitement circulating among the guides at nThambo and Africa on Foot. Ross Dam the leopardess gave birth to two cubs recently, which have been spotted. Luckily Chade and Elmar captured a few images while the youngsters were out in the open.  There is a concerted effort not to put pressure on the mother, and to avoid areas where the two cubs are safely stashed.

The team is waiting with baited breath for the cubs to reach an age where they aren’t so vulnerable, and have the confidence to emerge from their protected area. In other predator news, the Ross Pride lionesses were also spotted during the course of the week. Apart from the leopard cub excitement, life in the Klaserie continues to tick over with sightings of elephant, general game and plenty of birdlife.

Leopard Cub in the Klaserie Leopard Cub Klaserie Reserve

Africa on Foot Elephant Hide Africa on Foot White-backed Vultures Africa on Foot Wild Dogs Leopard Legs Straddling Tree Sunset at nThambo Tree Camp Wake of White-backed Vultures

Chacma Bush Camp

Chacma Bush Camp is winning the lion sighting lottery at the moment. One of the Maseke 6 male lions has been spotted mating with the Lamai female, which has injected a sense of elation into our guides. Abundant mating sessions with this loved-up lion couple means ample opportunities for cubs to be sired by the burly Maseke boys. Apart from the lion sightings, there have been a wealth of unique sightings springing up from the bushveld. Guides have spotted African wild cat, spotted bush snakes and even an African rock python. The usual plains game suspects have frequented the lodge, providing epic sightings from the comfort of the patio!

Buffalo and Oxpecker Spotted Bush Snake Sunset at Chacma Bush Camp

Ezulwini Game Lodges

This luxury lodge in the Balule Game Reserve quietly continues to enjoy a steady stream of predator sightings. The highlight of the week has been the bull elephants that approach the lodge – this is always an incredible moment for guests. Imagine standing on a raised wooden skywalk that meanders over the bushveld, and you look below, only to see an elephant happily browsing.

Baboons in Balule Giraffe in Balule Wildebeest in Balule

Trails of Botswana

Tuskers Bush Camp, Xobega Island Camp and RAW Botswana Motswiri Camp form part of the Trails of Botswana. And each week these remote areas enjoy exquisite sightings of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Chacma Baboons at Tuskers Bush Camp Leopard Tuskers Bush Camp Xobega Island Camp Okavango Delta