Week in Pictures: The Dance of the Wild

Constantly alive, constantly moving, even when all seems quiet; the bush is a place of paradise where man is the alien invader. The dance of the wild is evident in every whisper of the wind, every desperate leap to freedom, every flick of the tail, or toss of an armoured head. The bush is a place of communication without words, a world in which we would be lost. Every day spent on safari offers a deeper understanding of the wild earth we so love, and we seek to translate nature’s tracks and signs. We admire the thriving environment that has evolved over millions of years to become what it is today. As advanced as we have all become, the dance of the wild remains exactly that: wild.

Take a look at the top photographic moments captured this week in the Greater Kruger Park, and Botswana’s original utopia.

Afrika Ecco Safaris, Botswana

Territorial hippos of the Delta, Kalahari’s special foxes, jumping jackals of Savuti

Territorial hippo charges out of the water


Pouncing black-backed jackal on Savute plains

Bat-eared fox and the Kalahari sunset

Red lechwe in the reeds

nThambo Tree Camp, Klaserie Reserve, Greater Kruger

Lions kill a buffalo, African wild dogs run amok, and hyenas get sneaky

Lioness keeps watch over her meal

Blood-stained wild dog on a greyscale background

African wild dog and his piece of the pie

Hyena steps gingerly around a lion kill site

Africa on Foot, Klaserie Reserve, Greater Kruger

African wild dogs, spotted hyenas, and feasting lionesses.

Injured lioness looks for shade

Dancing wild dog

Hyena at eye level

Pack of wild dogs on the move

Ezulwini Game Lodges, Balule Reserve, Greater Kruger

Lions fight porcupines, a giraffe chances a drink, and a wildebeest throws his toys

Wide-eyed after a battle with a porcupine

Woodlands kingfisher rests between songs

A vulnerable moment for a giraffe

Blue wildebeest tosses its horns

Umkumbe Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand, Greater Kruger

Dangerous dagha boys, deadly eagles, and piglet

Buffalo bull walks the dry riverbed

Wahlberg's eagle with its snake prey

Warthog and piglet, still as statues

Up close ostrich