Week in Pictures : Wildlife Photos Set to Trump the Photography Poll

The title of this week’s “Week in Pictures” seemed fitting given the recent election results. But we’re not here to discuss politics – our focus is capturing the art of wildlife movement, photographing melodramatic landscapes and filming geographical marvels that would leave David Attenborough’s speechless. Our photographers get the vote this time round and their photography certainly trumps the turmoil of politics. If there was a photography poll, we’re pretty sure these photos would get the vote from our readers!

For us, there is no clear winning shot. Each photo encapsulates something different about the bushveld and its wonder. Serene scenes, hazy dusty pink skies and wild take downs serve to remind us what is important in the world – authenticity, the wild life and the often stark reality of nature. Get away from the buzz, the noise and the anarchy – come stay at one of our camps.

Xobega Island Camp and Tuskers Bush Camp

 Tucked away in the middle of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, is the mystical Xobega Island Camp. Recently refurbed, this remote island offers the best of wild game viewing and water safaris. Photographers Jen, Greg and Dan captured many moments through their lens, but the highlight of Xobega was the birding and the sunsets.

This past week, they witnessed a pair of marabou storks mating. A rare and exceptional moment!

Then, cue the arid Kalahari style bushveld crossed with mopane trees and you have yourself the perfect habitat for big cats. This week, we saw the return of the skittish lions.

A male was spotted mating with a lioness and wouldn’t leave her side. A thirsty leopard took to the drainage pipes in search of water and ripped open a pipe. This aloof male leopard has been spotted on a regular basis while out on drive with Tuskers Bush Camp.

Xobega - African Sacred Ibis

Male Leopard Tuskers Bush CampSunset - Xobega Island Camp Yellow-billed Storks - Xobega Island Camp

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

The ever graceful Marula leopardess was photographed descending a tree. The Klaserie leopard sightings have been sporadic and this is probably because of the heavy presence of lions on the traverse. For 4 consecutive days the older Mapoza male lion has been mating with one of the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses. The other lioness was sitting with her buffalo kill for a few days.  Obviously the fresh carcass attracted a wealth of hyenas, vultures and other scavengers.

We’ve just heard that the rains are falling heavily in the Kruger! A fantastic sign for the arid bushveld. This would explain the frantic behaviour from our elephants over the past few days. Could they have sensed something was brewing? Either way, the rains will bring with it an emergence of different species.

nThambo Elephant Calf Africa on Foot Elephants Africa on Foot Hyena Hyena Reflection nThambo Mapoza Africa on Foot Ross Lioness nThambo

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Leopards Tatowa and Mxabene have stolen the show in terms of their presence on the Umkumbe turf. Both leopards were caught in the act of snoozing – basically doing what leopards do best. Apart from the award-winning big cat sightings, the hyenas have also been out and about. Clans of these laughing species were seen enjoying the fresh water of a waterhole close to the lodge. The Sand River that runs in front of Umkumbe Safari Lodge has seen its fair share of the usual suspects enjoying the riverbed and banks. Waterbuck, elephants, buffalo, nyala and giraffe are just a few of the epic sightings enjoyed this week.

Elephant Calf Umkumbe Safari Lodge Hyena at Play in the Waterhole Mxabene the Leopard Zebra Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Ezulwini Game Lodges

Lions feasting, elephants playing and scavengers on the prowl for any form of leftovers. This is what you see while on safari with Ezulwini River Lodge and Ezulwini Billys Lodge.  The buffalo and hyena have been taking advantage of the water sources – plenty of mud baths for a variety of species. A lone male lion was also spotted patrolling his turf in the dead of night.

Ezulwini Chavaluthu Ezulwini Lion Meal Ezulwini sunset

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