Xaxaba Mobile Camp for an Authentic Okavango Delta Safari

It’s certainly no secret that the Okavango Delta is a magical water paradise brimming with exciting game viewing opportunities. The waterways of the alluvial fan that floods the parched Kalahari landscape provides a haven for high concentrations of predators and big game. This sought after destination is dotted with private islands, community run concessions, savannah landscapes and the famous Moremi Game Reserve. With its low impact tourism, it makes the region that much more attractive to visit. It’s remote and wild; one of the last untouched regions of Africa.

There are many different ways of enjoying a safari in the Okavango Delta, but one of our favourite ways is to get a ground-level, hands-on experience. One that makes you feel like you’re part of a community and at one with the wild. And that’s why we cannot get enough of Xaxaba Mobile Camp . An eco-friendly “glamping” experience of a lifetime that offers incredible activities combined with atmosphere and unsurpassed game viewing opportunities.

We sent Teagan Cunniffe and our marketing/sales rep (Lindi) out into the wild to explore the mysterious terrain of the Okavango Delta. While Teagan was encouraging Lindi to approach the Mekoro for a photo shoot, a herd of elephants lumbered down to the water’s edge. This was pretty much the tone for most of their mobile safari experience – surprising sightings of wildlife approaching the water in front of camp. Currently, there are quite a few areas in Botswana with low water levels, and  there also seems to be pockets of wilderness that are incredibly dry. This means that wildlife flocks to the waterlogged areas in front of the Xaxaba camp set-ups, as they provide a fantastic source of water for wildlife.

Lindi and Teagan sampled the delights of an eco-friendly “glamping” lifestyle. Evenings were spent dining al fresco under the stars, gin and tonics were served at sunset, and nights were spent in the comfort of a Meru-style tent with stretcher beds, cupboard space and bathrooms with outdoor showers.

It seems this dynamic duo jumped at the the opportunity to enjoy walks across the island and mokoro trips. And while there, Teagan managed to visually document her journey. Needless to say, Teagan and Lindi loved their time at Xaxaba !


Located on a private island deep within the heart of the Okavango Delta, lies the remote Xaxaba Mobile Camp run by Afrika Ecco Safaris from the local Xaxaba community. This is a true rustic, wilderness experience ideal for the wild at heart. The focus here is on the community, the wildlife and untouched views in an area not known to many visitors. The island overlooks the famous Chief’s Island, and guests will have the opportunity to enjoy walks on this island. There are plenty of activities to enjoy that cater for the adventurous.

Expect mokoro trips in traditional canoes, boat excursions, fishing, and visits to the local community village. There’s even an opportunity to celebrate golden hour in a special sundowner spot on the banks of the intricate waterways.

Why do we love Xaxaba Mobile Camp?

  • It’s community run and owned.
  • Location is exceptional ! Situated in a remote, unexplored private island in the world’s astounding safari destinations makes it a popular choice for a safari.
  • It’s relaxed, comfortable and makes you feel completely connected with your environment.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure !
  • There are so many activities on offer, led by the locals.
  • Your carbon footprint is minimal.
  • Abundant birdlife (this one’s for you if you’re a birder) and sightings of big game.
  • Friendly and experienced team, always ready with a smile.
  • It feels “real”. Almost as if you’ve become a part of the bigger picture.

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