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nDzuti is a hidden gem located in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, close to the river. The manor house is surrounded by manicured lawns and overlooks a small waterhole and riverbed. Al fresco dining is a must at nDzuti and the views from the top of the rocky outcrops magnify the beauty of nDzuti's location.

nDzuti Safari Camp

Tucked away near the oxbow of the Klaserie River, nDzuti Safari Camp is a safari retreat fine-tuned by couple that runs it. Years of life spent in the bush and now settled on a luscious patch of Klaserie land, Bruce and Judy Meeser welcome their guests with fireside stories, an intricate understanding of their wild surroundings, and a splendid lodge housing 8 people in intimate comfort.


A large garden, swimming pool, bar, fireplace, and viewing deck overlook a busy waterhole, while game drives traverse the hills and valleys of the region, while scrumptious meals add an unnecessary 'extra' to the nDzuti experience.

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