An Okavango Delta Safari

An Okavango Delta safari opens up a world of opportunity to spot wildlife rarities while enjoying iconic water safari activities such as boating and mokoro. Most safari goers choose to safari in the Okavango Delta because it’s a UNESCO world heritage site that’s pristine, untouched and boasts unsurpassed game viewing opportunities. Most people are drawn to the area because of its remarkable beauty, geography and sublime places to stay. You cannot visit Botswana without a stop in the Okavango Delta.

Okavango Delta Safari

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The Okavango Delta was formed roughly 60,000 years ago from a result of tectonic plate movement that stopped the flow of the Okavango River. It’s the world’s largest inland delta and offers a mosaic of lagoons, permanent swamps, seasonally flooded grasslands, waterways and islands. The Okavango “sinks” into a unique landscape characterised by typical arid Kalahari vegetation. This inland Delta system is a sanctuary and oasis for a wealth of wildlife that congregate on the banks and on every bend in this oasis. For birders, an Okavango Delta safari is a must.

The concentrations of waders, birds of prey and passerines on the banks of the channel is remarkable. There are heronries, nests and constant birdsong. Within the Moremi Game Reserve and Khwai region, this is where you’ll discover leopard, lion, and African wild dogs. Antelope like red lechwe, waterbuck, sitatunga (an Okavango Delta special), elephants, giraffe and zebra are commonly spotted. Birds to spot include African fish eagle, slaty egret, wattled crane and African skimmer, amongst others.

Activities on an Okavango Delta Safari

The Delta offers a combination of both land and water-based safari experiences. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Mokoro: Traditionally, mokoros were constructed from the trunk of a Kigelia (sausage) tree and used for local transport across the myriad of waterways. In an effort to conserve the trees, mokoros are now made from other materials such as fibreglass. The canoe-like vessel is manually “driven” through the channels by a poler. A guided mokoro trip is now a sought-after activity in Botswana.
  • Boating: Boating offers a fantastic way of spotting wildlife on the reed-lined banks of the Delta’s open waterways. These small motorised boats speed through the waterways, providing plenty of opportunity to see wildlife. They’re too big to navigate the narrow channels, which are usually reserved for mokoro adventures.
  • Game drives: Game drives typically take place in the Moremi Game Reserve, a protected area that combines the best of dry savannah and mosaic of waterways. The Moremi is home to wild dogs, the Big 5 and a plethora of birdlife.
  • Walking tours: Guided walking tours offer an introduction

Game Drives in the MoremiMokoro Trips at MbomaBoating on the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta Safari Accommodation

Looking for the ultimate Okavango Delta safari accommodation? We have just the place—Mboma Island Expeditions. The Okavango Delta offers numerous accommodation options, ranging from comfortable to classic tented camps and safari lodges. Most of them are situated in remote locations on the fringes of waterways, islands or on the outskirts of the Moremi.

We love Mboma for your Okavango Delta safari accommodation because it offers an authentic place to stay and it’s eco-friendly. Mboma is mobile camping with expansive Meru-style tents fully-kitted with beds, ensuite bathrooms, wardrobes and an outdoor seating area. Located on the edge of the game rich Moremi Game Reserve at the meeting point of the Delta’s waterways and the unique Moremi savannah, Mboma is nothing short of magical.

Mboma Island Expeditions offers:

  • 5 light Meru-style canvas tents equipped with twin beds and ensuite, open-air bathrooms
  • Exquisite location in a well-known wildlife hotspot and a protected part of the famed Okavango Delta
  • Reduced carbon footprint – everything about camp is eco-friendly
  • Best of land based and water safaris
  • Unfenced camp with wildlife free to roam freely throughout.

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