Celebrating the Month of Love with Nyala’s Signature Dishes

We gathered information from the Daves (Nyala camp manager Dave and journalist David) to hear their first-hand experience of Nyala Safari Lodge’s homecooked, tasty fare. 

Recently, we were captivated by Journalist David Batzofin’s blog post about Nyala Safari Lodge’s gourmet fare. Disclaimer: There might have been a swift surge of in-office food orders shortly after seeing David’s images of Nyala’s mouthwatering meals!

Nyala is a gem of a safari hideaway and has those iconic safari spaces synonymous with a Kruger safari experience. We’re talking boma, floodlit waterhole, bird’s-eye views over seasonal riverbeds and more. But there’s something that really elevates the safari experience: FOOD. And by food, we mean GOOD FOOD.

Since it’s the month of love, we figured we’d hop on the bandwagon of the classic saying, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.”

Nyala Safari Lodge Dining ExperienceDessert Nyala Safari LodgeNyala Safari Lodge Dinner3Nyala Safari Lodge Food

And Nyala Safari Lodge enters the room!

Because it’s the month of love (have we mentioned that?), we decided to get personal and ask Dave about the lodge’s signature dishes. Nyala’s food presentation is only surpassed by the remarkable flavours of each dish. The culinary team at Nyala certainly understands that when you eat, you “eat” with your eyes first. You can expect crispy sugar twirls on top of lemon méringue slices and a tower of steak served upon carb and veggie goodness.

The science behind food psychology suggests that our eyes communicate with our brain to interpret what we’re about to eat, triggering a cascade of reactions even before we’ve taken the first bite! One thing’s for sure, Nyala has nailed the cognitive neuroscience of food, impressing diners with their good looking meals.

Here is the extensive list of Nyala’s signature dishes:


Trio of starter
Cold tomato and basil soup
Grilled Halloumi cheese on a bed of rocket


Fillet steak tower
Chicken and prawn linguine
Roast pork fillet in orange marmalade


Lemon meringue
Poached pears in red wine
Fresh mango/ hot cherries in pancakes

Burgers and Chips at Nyala Safari Lodge

Creative Cuisine at Nyala

Parma Ham and Asparagus

Prawns and Seafood at Nyala

Thanks Dave. We’ll take one of everything! 

David from Travel and Things believes that taste is important when it comes to food,. He says that well plated and presented meals can actually set the tone for a lodge experience. He believes that these elements of culinary skill can draw attention to the specific ingredients in a dish, for both aesthetic and practical reasons. We couldn’t agree more, David. Food is art!

Nyala’s food is a fusion of modern meets traditional, with great care taken in both taste and presentation. Meals are made according to dietary requirements and created with passion, delivering authentic homecooked fare straight from the safari kitchen to your plate. 

Nyala Brekkie Meal

Nyala Platter

While we certainly don’t want to digress from Nyala Safari Lodge’s time in the spotlight, we’re jumping back on that bandwagon to share a favourite recipe from the Sun Destinations archive. This quick little fireside delight is ideal for Valentine’s day..or any day of the year where there’s a campfire.

Velvet Amarula Smoky Braai’d Marshmallows:

This recipe was first tried and sampled at one of our camps in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. Give it a try—it’s simple, impressive and certainly won’t disappoint.

  • Buy bags of good quality marshmallows and a bottles of Amarula
  • Gather a few sticks or metal skewers
  • Start your fire…or head to the fire
  • Dip marshmallows in Amarula
  • Secure your ‘mallow onto the stick – make sure it’s BASTED in Amarula
  • Braai your ‘mallow until it’s done how you like it
  • If you don’t eat it in one bite, continue the Amarula dunk and braai it again
  • Repeat until you’ve finished the packet of marshmallows!


nThambo Braai Marshmallows


About Nyala Safari Lodge

Distinct in design, Nyala Safari Lodge offers thatched accommodation in iconic rondawel style chalets, an archetype of accommodation in the Greater Kruger. Located in the Big 5 Balule Nature Reserve, Nyala offers a two game drives a day with the obligatory morning coffee stop and evening sundowner stop. Nyala’s main area has a wrap-around viewing deck mimicking the curves of the river and runs the full length of the lodge, ensuring there’s never a missed opportunity to enjoy views of the bushveld. Overall, Nyala offers a unique standard of comfortable-luxury in sublime settings.

Guests can relax around the pool in the gardens underneath a canopy of trees, unwind with a book in the lounge area, or simply enjoy some quiet on the expansive viewing deck. There’s a floodlit waterhole, boma, and so much more. The best way to experience Nyala is to go there!

To start the process, email reservations@sundestinations.co.za.