Chilling with Mila and Lisa from the Ross Pride of Lions

We arose to yet another cool, crip morning here in the Klaserie just in time for our early morning game drive in our famous open-topped Land Rover called Air Force One. Even though I felt like 40 ice-blocks had slapped my body, I still managed to get up. This morning was one of the coldest days we’ve experienced this week. But it was well-worth it in the end.

As we clambered into our vehicle we heard that Ngala had been spotted at Jason’s dam. Ngala in Shangaan means lion and these local terms for wildlife are often bandied about regularly among rangers. With much excitement and elation we approached Jason’s dam. Two females from the Ross Pride were sitting quite happily on the sand, basking in the sun. The lionesses we spotted were Mila and Lisa from the Ross Pride. Lisa is the older of the two and is clearly aging. It seems both females had just devoured a huge meal. They were relaxed with the vehicles and had Kwashiorkor sized bellies. A few low-growls mingled with gentle purrs could be heard as we fluttered the lenses of our cameras.

When lions find a food source they gorge until they cannot move. They tend to eat and then traverse their way to the nearest waterhole for their “after dinner drinks”. Kevin MacLaughlin managed to capture fantastic video footage of Mila and Lisa, which we will upload shortly. Mila and Lisa were quite happy to have us there.  We even managed to capture Matt and his guests enjoying the sighting.

En route to the Jason’s dam we found an elephant herd, giraffe and a plethora of bird species. An exceptional morning of game viewing spent chilling with Mila and Lisa from the Ross Pride.


Kevin MacLaughlin Filming Lions


Mila and Lisa from the Ross Pride


Mila - Ross Pride


Lisa - older Lioness from the Ross Pride


Kevin MacLaughlin Wildlife Photographer and Videographer


Mila relaxing at the vehicle


Mila Ross Pride


Mila Sleeping


Mila Sleeping off her meal


Mila sniffing the air


Guests watching Mila and Lisa


Kevin MacLaughlin Air Froce One


Article written by Carolynne Higgins

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