Guest Blogging: The rare white buffalo calf and wild dogs

Mike and Fiona Clark are keeping us busy with their wildlife sightings in the Klaserie. They’re providing us with updates on a regular basis and, despite it being the wet season, game viewing is at an all time high !

Once again we set out on an amazing safari with Isaac and Chad. How lucky to catch up with the pack of 9 wild dogs lazing under a tree away from the heat of the afternoon sun. One tried half heartedly to catch lunch, but it was far to hot for a real effort. We were lucky enough to stay with this pack of dogs for almost the entire game drive. There are not many places in Africa where you can stay with the animals so long, which is one of the special things about nThambo and Africa on Foot.

After it cooled down the dogs decided it was time to hunt, so we followed them through the bush, whilst they tried to find impala. We followed the wild dogs into the thick bush and monitored them for an hour – we left and they were still hunting. We were not far away from “Jason’s dam”, so Chad decided to go there for sundowners in the hope the dogs would come to us. And sure enough, whilst we were drinking beer and wine, out of the bushes on the opposite side of the dam an impala ran across closely followed by a dog. Then from right behind the Land Rover another curious dog appeared, looked at us briefly and then ran off. Unfortunately they didn’t succeed in catching their dinner, and finally ran off into another property.


Wild dogs and game vehicles

Wild dogs walk past the game vehicle


Spotting wild dog while on safari

A lone wild dog observing the pack


After sundowners we were lucky enough to see a female leopard wandering through the bush, and got a couple of nice photos, before she too vanished. Then a couple of metres down the road, the 2 male lions were walking down the road for an evening stroll. It was nice to see them both in their full glory, rather than just sleeping by the side of the road. WOW what a fabulous evening ! For anyone who knows us – wild dogs and leopards are our favourite animals.


Wild dogs walking down the road

Wild dogs casually walking down the road

Morning game drive, by comparison, was a little more sedate. Whilst looking at the beautiful view of the sunlit Drakensburg mountains we caught a quick glimpse of a young female leopard in a tree, before she jumped down. Unfortunately she was quite skittish so quickly moved off into thick bush. We spent most of the game drive following tracks for the 2 male lions, who unfortunately didn’t want to be found and seem to have now left our area!

But to top off our drive, we had a sighting of a herd of buffalo deep in mopani trees – including a very rare white buffalo calf (unfortunately no photos).


Wild dog and game vehicle

Wild dog casually strolls past the game vehicle