Jason Kipling Talks About the Wildlife at Umkumbe Safari Lodge

I spoke to one of the guides, Jason Kipling, from Umkumbe Safari Lodge to find out what camp life has been like over the past week.  The Sabi Reserve boasts an abundance of leopard and in the next few days we’ll chat to Jason for a leopard update.

Jason said, “Well, Carolynne, this has actually been a VERY busy week in terms of sightings! We kicked off by spotting 14 wild dogs on the hunt which we followed for about 2 hours.

The days have been hot so herds of 300+ buffalo and elephant have been a common sighting in the riverbed in front of the lodge. Rhino sightings as per usual have been fantastic and there is a new calf on the property!!! We have had 3 male lions busy with a kill on the north-western section of the property for the past 2 days.

I’ve also had 3 beautiful leopard sightings over the past 36 hours, of which 2 where spotted this morning. One of the leopards was only a few hundred metres from the camp!! Other species like zebra and kudu have also been plentiful. The smaller nocturnal mammals have been a treat – guests have seen genets, civits and porcupines. Porcupines are becoming a more regular sighting as the winter sets in. We now have a resident bush baby and genet cat who love to raid the dinner buffet, much to our guests’ amusement!”

Umkumbe Safari Lodge is an affordable lodge great for families and adventure lovers.


A Stalking Leopard

A Stalking Leopard