#MySunDestinations: The Bushveld Belgian Visits Chacma Bush Camp
Vincent van der Beken is a Belgian amateur photographer who jumps at any opportunity to spend time in South Africa’s bushveld. Back in 2015, Vincent enjoyed his first safari at nThambo Tree Camp and was instantly bitten by the safari bug. Because of his love of nThambo, he decided to explore a few more camps within the Sun Destinations portfolio.  Over the years he has divided his time over three camps: nThambo Tree Camp, Africa on Foot and Chacma Bush Camp. The bushveld Belgian tries to do two safaris a year, with his latest adventure being Chacma Bush Camp.
Vincent’s claim-to-fame is that he was one of Chacma’s first guests. Since setting foot at Chacma, he has wanted to return in the hopes of spotting his favourite species again (leopard, wild dogs, hyena, elephant, and lion). We asked the bushveld Belgian what he loves about Chacma, and he said the following:
  • The Chacma management couple are the pinnacle of management couples, and truly set an example for other camp management couples out there.
  • Cuisine is top notch, and the best out of all the camps I go to
  • I appreciate the fact that the rooms have power for air-conditioning, especially visiting during the summer
  • Guiding is excellent – they don’t only stop for the Big 5, but for all the small animals
  • Spotting the African wild car was a highlight of my visit this time. It was initially hiding from us but actually came closer to the car once relaxed. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos.
  • One of the things that sets Chacma apart from nThambo Tree Camp and Africa on Foot, is the presence of the rock hyrax (dassie) and the klipspringer (small antelope). I was not able to photograph them this time, but I have photographed them before at Chacma.
Thank you Vincent for your feedback, and portfolio of fresh images from Chacma Bush Camp.
African Harrier Hawk

Chacma Klipspringer

Lion at Chamca

Birding at Chacma Bush Camp

Jackal Pups at Chacma Bush Camp

Vervet Monkey at Chacma

Yellow billed hornbill at Chacma

Waterbuck at Chacma Bush Camp

Hippos at Chacma Bush Camp
Armour Plated Lizard
African Wild Dogs at Chacma Bush Camp