Original Spicy Cocktails and Yuletide Cheer in a Bushveld Setting

The festive season arrived without warning, and we’re now in the thick of the madness. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can’t ignore the busyness of the holiday season and the jovial mindset of holidaymakers. And our attitude is – if you can’t beat ’em,  join ’em ! The team based at Chacma Bush Camp, Africa on Foot, and nThambo Tree Camp decided to surprise guests with a few original recipe cocktails, handmade Christmas cookies and snacks. The bushveld is brimming with activity, and the drab colours of the winter season have gradually made way for gleaming emerald colours synonymous with a Kruger summer. The natural setting was perfect and pristine; so it was up to our teams to get creative and frivolous.

Gemma designed a few safari cocktails using bush plums found just outside camp, and used a twist skills to cleverly craft a few holiday drinks. The bush plums were devoured by the elephants, but the lumbering herds managed to leave a handful for our team. Delectable Christmas cookies were baked with love, and decorated using the mainstream colours of Christmas. Flavours of the bushveld were elegantly merged flavours associated with holidays in colder climes – we’re talking spicy cinnamon aromas, aniseed and orange. Africa on Foot’s festive set-up was under the shade of a tree and the nThambo set-up was on the deck overlooking the local waterhole.

Chacma Bush Camp arranged a similar set-up at camp, and used an array of Christmas themed ideas for decor. The theme was carried through into the kitchen where staff prepared a delicious batch of  cookies and prepared mouth-watering drinks.

So, will Gemma and the team share their recipes? Yes ! The cocktail recipes and ingredients are listed below. There’s still time for you to whip a safari style cocktail. 

Christmas Cake Truffles and Spiced Rooibos Vodka Martini

  • Brewed Rooibos tea
  • x5 tots of vodka
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Star anais
  • Cardamon pods
  • Cloves
  • Sliced apricots
  • Sliced lemon
  • x2 tots lemon juice
  • Sliced red grapes
  • Sliced peaches

Cocktail Jug : Bush Plum and Cinnamon Spritz

  • x5 tots of Bain’s whisky
  • 250 ml peach juice
  • 250 ml orange juice
  • 500 ml soda water /sparkling water
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 4 cloves
  • Handful of peeled bush plums
  • Add plenty of ice

Xmas Cookies in the Bushveld Festive Drinks and Snacks in Klaserie Biscuits for Xmas in Klaserie Xmas Cocktail Jug Cocktail Trimmings in Klaserie Xmas in the Bushveld Xmas Drinks in Klaserie Cocktails in the Klaserie Christmas in the bushveld Beverages on Safari

nThambo Elmar at Xmas Xmas Cocktails Klaserie Cocktails Spicy Cocktails in Klaserie Xmas Snacks in Klaserie Wooden Balcony at nThambo Drinks at the Poolside at nThambo Drinks and Snacks at nThambo Festive Cocktails in Klaserie Festive Drinks and Snacks

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