The Week in Pictures : Family Felidae Steal the Show

Last week we delivered a magnificent edition of Week in Pictures, filled to the brim with a fine collection of Kruger wildlife images. Accompanying the images was a rather detailed update from each of our camps. Today we’re going to focus on the images, and less so on the words.

It seems that our big cats have emerged from the dense thickets and appear to moving slowly through the reserves in search of mating opportunities. The weather is getting warmer, which means a flurry of activity in the Kruger.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge continues to enjoy sightings of new leopards on their traverse, with the latest sighting being that of Thamba. Thamba originates from the north of the reserve. The highlight of the week was the sighting of a rare serval on a kill just metres away from a pride of lions. Then there was the sighting of the Southern pride of lions, comprising 2 males and 3 females. The big cat sightings never seem to disappoint and it’s always great to see a smaller species of cat enjoying the limelight for a while. The camps in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve have also enjoyed prolific cat sightings, and the quest to identify lions crossing over into new lands continues. Last night, when the wind was still and air crisp, the lions were heard contact calling. Who were they? We haven’t ascertained that yet! Our videographer, Rogan, says they also had a brief sighting of Bundu before he dashed off into the unforgiving night.

Ezulwini is winning in terms of lion sightings. We have to hand it to Angele and the crew – they’re certainly delivering when it comes to sightings. The traverse is home to the mighty Machatons, the Kudyela lionesses and 13 cubs ! The Ezulwini camera trap series is doing well, and the stills that have emerged show a few very active lions, hippos and elephants. Chacma Bush Camp is located close to the Balule Nature Reserve and also appears to enjoy abundant sightings of big game. Week after week we report that the elephants continue to lumber down to the waterhole, and this week is no different. The huge rocky outcrop behind the lodge seems to be a favourite resting spot for leopards. Nsala Safari Camp continues to enjoy its prime position next to the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, and guide Brett has managed to spend a bit of time behind the lens capturing magical safari moments.

And that’s a wrap for this week!

Leopards Africa on Foot Hippo at Chacma Bush Camp Chacma Bush Camp Surrounds Vultures at Chacma Bush Camp Elephants at Ezulwini Giraffe at Ezulwini in Balule Africa on Foot Hyena Hyena Ezulwini Game Lodges nThambo Leopard Sighting Dwarf Mongoose Klaserie Vultures in Klaserie Sunset in Klaserie

Leopard at Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Serval with Kill Umkumbe Leopard Southern Pride of Lions Umkumbe Serval at UmkumbeHyena Nsala Safari Camp Leopard Nsala Safari Camp Wild Dog in Nsala