The Week in Pictures :  Girl Power. In Celebration of Women’s Day.

This week we’re celebrating Women’s Day by showcasing our female photographers’ images of the wild. The bushveld is rife with powerful females paving the way for the younger generations. Elephants are raised in matrilineal herds comprising all related females born into leadership positions, lionesses are protective over their pride yet they are powerful and ruthless killers, hyena clans are led by an alpha female and even ant colonies are led by a queen. Nurturing, strong and feminine – the female of the species is powerful. So here’s to celebrating this week’s images from the archives of our female photographers who rule the roost for this week’s “Week in Pictures”.

Naturally, for this week’s “Field Guide Feature (#FieldGuideFeature)” celebrated on our Instagram stories, we’ve chosen Angele Rouillard from Ezulwini Game Lodges. Angele is a contributing photographer at the luxurious Ezulwini River Lodge, and her photography is going from strength to strength. She consistently contributes photos and is certainly making strides with the field. Head on over to the Sun Destinations Insta account to view a portfolio of her images.

International Women’s Day is on March 8 and celebrates women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.  

This week we thought we’d keep it brief and shine the spotlight on just two major sightings. Walkers Bush Villa is ideally located in the big cat country in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, and is no stranger to unique lion and leopard sightings. Videographer Rogan Kerr filmed the dominant Black Dam male coming face to face with his sons, the Monwana males. It appears that the coalition of youngsters want to oust this local legend. In Rogan Kerr’s video of the Monwana males and Black Dam, you will see the tensions building.

The other highlight to have emerged was from the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, and this was a sighting of the African wild dogs. The dogs are notoriously nomadic, so seeing them is always cause for celebration. When the team found the painted wolves, they were just relaxing in the low lying shrubbery, conserving their energy. No major activity, but a noteworthy sighting nonetheless.

To wrap up, we’d like to wish every women out there a Happy Women’s Day – and GIRL POWER to you !

Sunsets in the Klaserie Summer Grasses in the Klaserie Africa on Foot Lions in the Grass Zebra dominance in the Klaserie Giraffe Necking at Chacma Bush Camp Impala at Chacma Sunsets and Giraffe at Chacma Bush Camp Waterholes and Birds at Chacma Elephants in the Maseke Game Reserve Birds of the Balule Nature Reserve Machaton Male Lions at Ezulwini Leopards of Ezulwini Game Lodges Buffalo at nThambo Tree Camp Butterfly in the Bushveld Waterbuck at nThambo Lions of the Klaserie Walkers Bush Villa Leopards Elephant and Giraffe in Timbavati Walkers Bush Villa Zebra Sighting Game Drives at Umkumbe Lions of Umkumbe Safari Lodge Umkumbe Sunsets Zebra at Umkumbe Safari Lodge