The Week in Pictures: Mama Africa

She lives and breathes through the earth, the rivers, the sky, and the sun. The wind is her whisper, and the trees are her limbs, reaching out to hold us in her embrace. She is beautiful, yet she is devastating; her moods can be joyous, and they can be foul. We marvel at her creation of the mountains, the oceans, the sand dunes, and the forests. We live at her mercy. There are moments of dead silence, when the flutter of wings can be heard echoing through a valley, and there are times of turmoil when the sound of a stampede can not be drowned out. She is Mama Africa, and we are her children.

Under the blue abyss we’ve seen change a million times, we venture out into the garden of the wild, where we find the true children of Africa surviving amid all the earth’s elements. Flawless leopardesses, ancient crocodiles, and delicate aves roam wild and free among the perfectly woven terrains of South Africa and Botswana, where safari gives us the opportunity to share in Mama Africa’s greatest creations.

After another week of astonishing sights and sounds, we’ve gathered our favourite moments caught on camera and present them here in the Week in Pictures. This is an adventure like no other; one where our guests get a glance into the world of this wild and wonderful continent.

Africa on Foot, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park

A sky of fire serves as the backdrop for this portrait of Africa's tallest mammal

Two young males and an impala ewe steady themselves on splayed legs to drink from the potentially dangerous waterhole

A rock monitor suns itself on the bare trunk of a tamboti tree, eyeing out the audience with skepticism

A white-backed vulture prepares for take off after a disappointing visit to a warthog carcass



nThambo Tree Camp, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park

A Breakaway lioness leans in for a scratch under the evergreen branches of a gwarri bush.

The joys of summer flood this elephant with colour: golden sunshine spills onto his face as the new green trees enclose his recently filled mud wallow

A tawny eagle prepares to beat its wings and propel through the air after taking off from a branch, destined for the meaty remains of a warthog carcass

A pearl-spotted owlet glares down from its perch with a perfect, yellow-eyed stare

Ezulwini Game Lodges, Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park

Looking into the eyes of a future king. There are battles to be fought, that is certain.

A young male kudu captured, airborne, after taking off in the middle of an open plain in the Balule.

A lilac-breasted roller impresses without doing anything at all. An explosion of colours seems out of place in the neutral tones of the bushveld, but just wait until the colours of summer arrive!

A giraffe seen at eye level from a game viewer as it browses on the trees highest leaves

Umkumbe Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger Park

Tatowa giving us a profile shot as we watch her in the light of the spotlight just after dark this week.

Keeping close: an elephant calf is a target for predators such as lions, but those cats would be fools to take on an elephant mother.

The flawless face of White Dam's male cub with mesmerising golden eyes and an air of confidence in his territory

A moment in time with 6 young females from the Mhangeni Pride, spread out in the Sand River bed.

Xobega Island Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

A golden tinted evening on the waters of the Okavango Delta, with the skeptical gaze of the hippos to keep us company.

An African jacane plods along the surface of the water, using the lilypads as stepping stones

A stork departs and leaves us alone on our mokoro between the reeds of the Okavango Delta

Eating on the move, a herd of elephants makes its own pathway through the tall grasses of the Moremi Game Reserve