The Week in Pictures : Wild Dogs and Savage Predators

Our savage  predators have been incredibly active in the Greater Kruger, and certainly haven’t bothered keeping their ruthless take downs out of the limelight. This week is almost a repeat of last week’s update, with the predators refusing to leave the stage. We’re talking abundant leopard and lion sights spanning the Kruger savannah and the unruly landscapes of the Kwatale Conservancy in Botswana. Coupled with the big cat sightings, there has been a marked increase in wild dog pup sightings. This would make sense given that the pups are now old enough to leave their den site and adopt the nomadic ways  of their species.

Let’s briefly take a look at the highlights from the week before we share our hypnotic wildlife images. The Klaserie Camps, nThambo Tree Camp and Africa on Foot, have enjoyed a bulk load of wild dog sightings. And it’s not your standard dog sightings. Rogan and Chade have spotted plenty of wild dog pups thriving in their terrain! Chacma Bush Camp  have also documented a number of wild dog sightings, which only adds to their recent predator sightings which have also included

Ezulwini Game Lodges and Umkumbe Safari Lodge are really top of the log when it comes to cat sightings for this week. We are still taken aback at the consistent lion cub sightings on Balule soil, which add to the already epic sightings of the Kudyela lionesses and Machaton kings. There are 13 cubs in total, and they’re all thriving under the protection of the Kudyelas and Machatons! Umkumbe are living up to the Sabi Sand reputation of being the go-to destination for leopard sightings. Guides seem to be enjoying regular sightings of the young Nweti male, who is still quite nomadic.

One of our Botswana camps, Tuskers Bush Camp, has stolen the show with their sighting of an aggressive showdown between lions and hyena. The activity started at early evening around the waterhole in front of camp. A breeding herd of elephant chased the lions away from the pan in front of camp, but the lions returned. That night one of our guest photographers heard piercing cackles and plenty of noise. He woke up to find a huge showdown between a lion pride and hyena.


Nyeleti Africa on Foot Primates in the Susnset African Wild Dog Pups Africa on Foot Buffalo Chacma Buffalo Boss Chacma Wild Dog Pups Kudu at Chacma Ezulwini Lion Cubs Lion Cubs in Ezulwini Ezulwini Game Lodges Giraffe Jackal at Chacma Kudu Bull in Ezulwini Mondsweni Male Leopard Birding in Klaserie Sunsets at nThambo Wild Dogs Pups at nThambo Sunsets at Umkumbe Safari Lodge Umkumbe Buffalo Susnet Elephants at Tuskers Waterhole Lion Cub at Tuskers Bush Camp Umkumbe Nweti Umkumbe Nweti with Miles Southern Pride Lionesses